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Jes Sexological Bodywork Coach

Jesse Browning


Main offers: Somatic Sex Education, Sexological Bodywork and Erotic Hypnotherapy


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Somatic Sex Education is a New Field, helping people to feel more alive in their bodies, more present and aware of their somatic experience, and more receptive to the pleasures of being in a body. Can you imagine what it feels like, to be e


Sexological Bodywork
Sexual Coaching for Men


I gently guide my clients to deepen their experience of their own bodies through breath, movement, touch, and sensate focus. Touch occurs only when requested, and directed, by the client. I am trained, and experienced, in both mainstream, and complimentary modalities of care; and I bring those together in a synergistic way, that is very powerful, and unique.

I define myself as a gay man. I am especially interested in working with other men in addressing barriers to sexual expression, self confidence, and empowerment; regardless of their self definition. I am not a surrogate, and only offer one way touch. I create a safe space to explore ideas, and sensations, while maintaining firm boundaries.

This is a very professional service, with clear guidelines, that I maintain to a high standard. Anything you discuss with me is completely confidential. I adhere to professional standards of confidentiality.


I offer wellness coaching for couples, and individuals, to expand upon enjoyment, to empower expression of need and desire, and to learn how to be better lovers. I provide masturbation coaching, and I am trained to address trauma, and sexual dysfunction. Please contact me with any questions. I currently am offering introductory pricing, and discounts for people on disability.

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    Certified Sexological Bodyworker

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04/2017 – 09/2017

Certified Sexological Bodyworker





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