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Céline Remy

San Diego / California

Main offers: Sex Coaching and Sexological Bodywork


I help men and women release sexual shame, revitalize their love life and have hotter sex, deeper intimacy, and more orgasms.


Sexological Bodywork
Certified Tantric Massage
Sexual Coaching for Women
Sexual Coaching for Men


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Are you bored or frustrated with your sex life? Or looking for something more, something greater?

Perhaps you feel disconnected from your sexuality, or uncomfortable with your body.

Whether you are seeking bold new pleasures in your lifestyle and bedroom – or looking for answers to challenges and frustrations you’re facing in your sex life, your body, your relationships…

You’ve come to the right place – because I’m passionate about helping you create the relationship and sex life you want.

Join my private list and get access to the Sex Vault. A free library of videos, ebooks and resources to bring passion, connection and skills to your relationship.


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For Men -- I help men expand their sexual and emotional skills so that they can become heroes in the bedroom.

If you want to develop your physical + mental stamina or enhance your sexual abilities. I specialize in helping you last longer, have harder stronger erections, expand your sexual potential and skills.

If you are looking for a Tantra Massage, a healing touch that soothes away stress and uses pleasure to inspire your full potential. Check out my page here.


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For Women--I help women retake control of their relationships so that they can experience the romance they’ve always wanted.

If you want to morph into the juiciest, sexiest, most playful, radiant version of yourself. I’m dedicated in creating a safe space for you to thrive. My programs and coaching offer women an opportunity to learn about their bodies and femininity in a way that they haven’t before.


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For Couples: I help couples find new, exciting ways to enhance their sex lives and define their relationship on their own terms.

My programs and coaching provide couples the keys to create the sex life and relationships they want. Assisting you in letting go of the shame and unconscious sexual patterns that are holding you back.

Imagine encounters with your partner where confidence is at its peak and passionate love, acceptance and mutual satisfaction rule.


I’ve dedicated the past 15 years and over 10,000 hours to studying, teaching and exploring sexuality and relationships.

I promise that every course and programs I offer will change your life forever…

I can’t wait to inspire you to get powered by pleasure

Interested in working with me? Schedule a Strategy Call with me.

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    Inner Alchemy Level I & II and Healing Love Retreat with Master Mantak Chia & senior UHT instructor

    The Ecstatic Awareness Institute Level I & II with Triambika Ma Vive

  • Languages

    English, French
  • Qualifications

    Certified Sexological Bodyworker

Background & Training

01/2016 – 04/2016

Certified Sexological Bodyworker





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