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Hanna Tantra Massage Berlin

Hanna, Sonja-Maria Lipp


Main offers: Tantra massage, trigger point and deep tissue massage, mental Coaching, including orthopedic and holistic body therapy

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Tantra is - for me - like meditation, a way of life. A mode of mindfulness, calm, silence and sensitivity. See and read my counterpart, touch and understand, hear and internalize. Appreciate and honor lifetime.


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I am a tantric in my life. In my sex work vocation, I read my bare skin with my fingers. Listen to what the heartbeat reports to me, am watchful with my eyes and mindful of what the soul desires. This is about my partner. To my life partner at this moment, because we both spend our lifetime in this moment, which once passed and this one spark of presence continues.

Because every guest is my partner in a massage. I live for the essentials, touch inside and outside. Physically, mentally and emotionally - is the level on which I act - holistically. Love and light in my candle to ignite, strengthen and accompany yours. Proximity and affection, being accepted and being kept safe are normality and a matter of course for me. My world is calm, deep and open to give and take. I see images in my partner that often no one else is allowed to or wants to see, that are unspoken and unlived until we meet.

It is my affair of the heart to give all my possible love and to open doors. To create opportunities. The other person will be part of my life as soon as our paths cross for the first time. In writing, by phone or in person. Taken into my soul, it is irrelevant whether we see, hear or feel each other once, twice or regularly. The shine in the other's eyes is my greatest fulfillment. To be present when the other falls and to provide protection. Behind us the closed door is the outside world and only we in our four walls.

My life, my time, my love and my light are for you. Touch, closeness and joy are needs such as breathing, eating and drinking. Much more than that to me. It's my life. And for my life I stand up for everything I am. Because I am my life and my love knows neither lock nor bolt. When we close our eyes to look inward, worlds are revealed in which we are and can be "ourselves". Dreams of our self-realization, development, the desire for closeness, warmth, lust and mindfulness. To be respected and perceived - just as we are. Without prejudice, value-free and always with respect for ourselves and for others. I am there when these longings, dreams, secret wishes and condemned thoughts become reality in a protected framework and taking into account all possible limits.

Only one thing counts for me: people. And we are all human, no matter what supposed differences there may be between us. We all breathe, we need to eat and drink and we all need touch - to survive and live. In my worldview, we take everything that flows into our soul with us when we part from this world here. I work with pure life energy. My task, my calling and my wish here in this world is precisely to give that which cannot always and sometimes not at all be described, but can be felt and understood by everyone. My touch is physical, mental and spiritual and I am ready to give all my love with it.

Hanna from Berlin, tantric

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  • Experience

    Tantra Massage und Körpertherapie

    Massagetherapeut und Mental Coaching

    dipl. Sport-Fitnessbetriebswirtin, dipl. Sport-Gesundheitstrainerin

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    English, German
  • Qualifications

    Tantra Massage Practitioner YINDO / Ulrike Liehm

Background & Training

01/2020 – now


04/2019 – now


11/2018 – now


01/2017 – now

Rettungsschwimmerin DLRG

01/2016 – now

Personaltrainerin A-Lizenz

01/2016 – now

Orthopädische Rehaübungsleiterin §20 SGB V nach Behindertensportverband e.V.

01/2014 – now

med. Rückentraining A-Lizenz

01/2014 – now

medizinische Fitnesstrainerin A-Lizenz

04/2013 – now

dipl. Sport-Gesundheitstrainerin

04/2013 – now

dipl. Sport-Fitnessbetriebswirtin

01/2012 – now

Cardiotrainer B-Lizenz

01/2012 – now

Ernährungstrainer B-Lizenz

01/2012 – now

Fitnesstrainer B-Lizenz

09/2020 – 11/2020

Tantra Massage Practitioner YINDO / Ulrike Liehm




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