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Main offers: Tantra massage in the style of AnandaWave and Nhanga Grunow


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Every tantra massage has its own language, every body its own melody, every soul its own color.


Certified Tantric Massage
Sexual Coaching for Women
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The tantra massage is the way back to your inner self, to your essence. It is a wonderful opportunity to create a reconnection between body, mind and soul.

I see myself as a guardian, companion and travel companion. We both engage with each other, trust our hearts, follow the feeling and welcome what may show up.

Your body is your instrument, I will help you to play it again and I will resonate with you.

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Jenny has been part of the Ananda Cologne staff team since 2022 - more information, free appointments and the option to book online on the Ananda Tantra Massage and Sexual Coaching Cologne website

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    Erfahrung mit Tantra-Massage seit Februar 2019

    seit 2020 Assistenz bei Massageseminaren (Nhanga Grunow)

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  • Qualifications

    Perlentor Yoni-Massage Practitioner (Nhanga Grunow)

Background & Training

02/2019 – 09/2019

Perlentor Yoni-Massage Practitioner (Nhanga Grunow)




Ananda - Kunst der Berührung
Frankfurter Str. 40
51065 Köln
0221 - 608 65 85
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