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Main offers: I hold space for individuals, couples and groups of all genders in workshops and private sessions

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In private sessions we look together at places in which holding patterns, emotional or physical, are creating tension in the body and limiting the flow of energy. Then I teach practices from the tantric tradition to release the holding.


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a powerful and life-changing workshop. You held space which was so strong yet still, I can even sense it now, so beautiful with loving acceptance ...the experiences I had at the workshop lifted me above the treetops to view a horizon I had never seen before. It seemed so clear and open, an unexplored space which is exciting and new (the edge!) - Ben

The progression of the exercise was gradual enough that I felt always stretched but always able to try and to remain emotionally and mentally present.

The balance between theory and teaching was great and insightful. I benefited from it hugely.

- Christian

I am very happy that I met Judith on my path of growth. She is very open, skilled and a great teacher, while it is easy to talk with her about everything and she knows how to earn people’s trust, and truly help them. After each workshop with Judith I felt empowered and full of life, going deeper each time. She is more than a teacher, she is an inspiration. - Perrine

Left me wordless. A very powerful view. - Diogo

I was a bit nervous before attending the workshop with Judith. Right away she put me at ease with her approachable, open and positive attitude. - Eira

Judith is a WOMAN with deep consciousness and with the ability to see below the surface. She is able to see things from another angle than others and correctly name them. Her collaboration with John Hawken, and their communication with huge respect for each other, is a great inspiration for me for my relationships at all levels. - Milan

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    Co-teaching with John Hawken since 2015

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    Teacher or Co-Teacher for a Training recognized by Trusted Bodywork

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Teacher or Co-Teacher for a Training recognized by Trusted Bodywork


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5 Ruskin Road
N17 8ND London
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