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Main offers: Tantra massage according to the criteria of TMV and Shibari bondage

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With every new moment, with all my presence, I feel what you need right now and accompany you curiously to discover where your journey is going.


Certified Tantric Massage
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After receiving my first tantra massage, it was immediately clear to me that I wanted to enable people to experience this diverse range of feelings. Everyone should be able to experience how it feels to be seen without judgment, to be touched without expectation and to be accompanied on their own emotional journey with honest closeness, warmth and support.

I open up a way for you out of the world of thoughts into the moment, into the here and now, where you can feel that everything is fine and you are exactly right - just the way you are.

"You touched me through me and in me, my heart just opened, it was so closed and tight for so long.

You have touched my soul and my heart through you and your touch" -guest feedback

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Laura has been part of the Ananda Cologne team since 2018 - more information, free appointments and the option to book online on the

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    Erfahrung mit Tantra-Massage seit 2018

    Regelmäßige Weiterbildungen in Shibari seit Anfang 2018

  • Languages

    English, German
  • Qualifications

    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®

Background & Training

09/2017 – 10/2019

Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®


+49 0221-6086585



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+49 0221-6086585
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