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Laura Berlin, Yoni-Sessions, Tantra für Frauen

Laura Reichmann

LAURAVIOLA - Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Main offers: Sexual education and Coaching for women, Yoni Dearmoring, fertility massages


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EMBRACE YOUR SENSUALITY - Discover and explore your femininity. And this is full of fulfillment, with all your senses and in a safe space. I accompany you on this path with my Yoni sessions and my touch rituals.


Sexual Counseling
Sexual Coaching for Women
Classes and Workshops


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LAURAVIOLA - Hey you, I'm Laura Viola. I accompany you in discovering and exploring your femininity. My tools are yoni dearmouring, yoni mapping and various womb space rituals.


A world full of women who live their sensual self-expression. Not with courage, but as a matter of course. A world that is softer and gentler, more compassionate and slower. I want to live in this world. We all have our stories. Stories that all too often tell of what has been lost. Lost access to your own body. The lost voice from within. The lost connection to your own emotional life. Whatever it is, I believe in one thing very firmly: that touch, just holding it, can help to find everything that seems lost but is still within us. Because a touch triggers emotions and feelings in us. This puts a lot of things back into flow.

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YONI TALK - Listen to the voice of your womb and connect with the wisdom of your female body.

Inspired by Indian traditions and Hawaiian massage, Ayurveda and Tao, the hormone-balancing therapeutic women's massage: My touch rituals for women are holistic and intentional. With you and for you I create a space for deep emotional experiences. A space that awakens your senses and is able to lead you into deep contact with your femininity.

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YONI SESSIONS - My yoni sessions, inspired by the yoni massage, take you to yourself, to an intensive exchange with yourself and your body. Embrace your femininity.


How to connect with your body and your femininity. How to fully accept your body. How you can learn to love him. For this I give you space, guide and accompany you. On the way to fully immerse yourself in your body world again, one special step can be very important: looking at, exploring and researching your body in a safe and non-judgmental space. Completely at your pace. A mirror session is a wonderful experience. A further step can be to gently establish contact with yourself and get to know yourself - with a Yoni talk or a Yoni mapping.

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YONI MAPPING - Connect with the splendor and abundance of your inner and outer yoni world.

We have to rediscover and learn it - touch at a pace that's right for us and in a safe space. Because in this way all the moments in which we were not safely touched can be revived and finally let go. A chance to feel ourselves more fully. What is particularly close to my heart is body work with women. So that you can get in touch with yourself again, find yourself and feel yourself again. Female empowerment in a sensual way!

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    English, German
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    Tantra Massage Practitioner YINDO / Ulrike Liehm

Background & Training

10/2022 – now


08/2022 – now

Gesundheitspraktikerin für Sexualkultur

08/2022 – now

Community Raum für Heilung

03/2022 – now

Das Perlentor bei Nhanga Grunow und Inari Hanel - Jahrestraining in Frauenheilmassage

01/2022 – now

Team Iva Samina

01/2022 – now

Team Schossraumwelten

01/2008 – now


06/2021 – 08/2022

Tantra Massage Practitioner YINDO / Ulrike Liehm


Kashmiri-Massage bei Jana Reinwarth


Tantra as a Profession bei Ulrike Liehm


Tao-Massage-Ausbildung Secret of Tantra


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