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Main offers: Tantra massage in the style of John Hawken

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I work with touch because the connection to people excites me. With me your body experiences admiration and love.


Certified Tantric Massage


life means love. To live is to recognize the power of love.

I honor and respect you and welcome you - just as you are. Rediscover your body and enjoy a time full of sensitivity, healing, humor, joy, peace, enjoyment and above all - awareness.

Speaking our innermost truth creates a deeper level of trust. Each massage is different, but they all share the same question: who are we really and what is the connection we have to our body?

My massage draws your attention to every cell in your body.

I love to touch: Touch is the most authentic form of appreciation. The most important themes that have accompanied me my whole life are spirituality, sexuality, love and femininity. Your body is the temple of your soul and therefore blessed for me.

When I touch you, I want to touch your soul. One of the most important insights from my massage work is that the needs of a body with yoni are completely different from those of a body with lingam. Recognizing this difference gave rise to gratitude for the men who manage to bridge the gap in relationships. If your body has a yoni, I invite you to write to me so that we can clarify various massage options in advance that you can experience with me.

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Naomi has been part of the Ananda Cologne team since 2021 - more information, free appointments and the option to book online on the

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    Seit 2001 Erfahrung mit ganzheitlicher Massage

  • Languages

    English, German, French, Portoguese
  • Qualifications

    Tantric Massage Practitioner (John Hawken)

    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV® (AZ)

Background & Training

01/2022 – 02/2022

Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV® (AZ)

05/2019 – 08/2020

Tantric Massage Practitioner (John Hawken)


+49 0221-6086585



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+49 0221-6086585
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