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Main offers: Repatriations, holistic massages, sexual counseling


"At the moment of recognition, past and future unite in love" (unknown author in)


Sexual Counseling
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Return to pregnancy

I lead you back to the source of your being and support you in giving birth to this life.

In doing so, we go back to the prenatal lifetime - your own or that of your child / your children - in the time of pregnancy, from conception to birth. As a result, a detachment process is triggered, whereby you alone determine the way and the pace. I accompany you in this process and assist you in the work-up, whereby each return session is self-contained and there is no need for regularly scheduled therapy sessions.

The context of my work is derived from the prenatal psychological thesis that "the human psyche (...) is able to make pre-natal, stored body memories accessible to consciousness via symbolic images via regressive states of consciousness" (see Homepage ISPPM ).
If necessary, I associate the repatriation unit with a holistic massage to help the body relax and expose deeper lying information better, as well as to feel targeted blockages, blockages in the body and bring the energy back into the flow.
My many years of experience as a social pedagogue (focus on pregnancy counseling / sexual education) as well as my diverse competencies in the field of alternative holistic healing methods and body work form the professional basis of my company.

My work supports you,
• in recognizing and working up (onerous) life patterns
• in recognizing and working up (birth) traumas
• in the processing of pregnancies, abortions and abortions
• when releasing old pain
• in case of sexual problems, eg after a birth
• in case of unfulfilled desire for children
• to come into your Creator Power
• in your personality development
• to experience your spiritual rebirth
• to (re) follow your original life path

Are you ready for the way back to YOU?

Dates & Facts

  • Languages

    English, German
  • Qualifications

    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®

Background & Training

01/2019 – now


12/2017 – now

Assistenzen (u.a. im Rahmen der Ausbildungsmodule) bei TantraConnection

09/2012 – now

Sozialpädagogin/Sozialarbeiterin (B.A.) Schwerpunkt Sexualpädagogik

08/2017 – 10/2018

Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®

04/2015 – 03/2017

Yogalehrer-Ausbildung bei Yoga Vidya

05/2015 – 12/2016

Teilnahme und Leitung Frauen-Tempelgruppe nach Chameli Ardagh (Awakening Women Institute)




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