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Stefan Gerber

Essen, Hagen

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"A tantra massage is a single gift for those who receive the massage, but also for those who give it.A tantra massage is peace, warmth, love and security.


Certified Tantric Massage
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"A Tantra massage is a single gift for those who receive the massage, but also for the one who gives it.

A Tantra massage is peace, warmth, love and security.

Tantra massage always happens and guarantees something unexpected. Something that moves one, touches another, amuses or even makes one laugh.

A Tantra massage is a lot, but by no means something "professional". Of course, the handles are tried and learned. But: nowhere is the intuition, the feeling for the moment more important than in a tantra massage.

"I receive you in a safe place, in a sensual and tasteful ambience, and just as the frame is festive, so will my massage, I let myself be guided by my intuition, with every touch, with every touch I will feel What makes the special feature of the massage special for you: I will be able to ignite a fireworks of the senses, I will also be able to hug you, give you closeness, Intentless and full of affection, that is my gift, for which I am infinitely grateful. "

Tantra Massage: Much is written. There is a lot of talk. There are books on tantra massages. Movies. That's important. To clarify what we are actually doing there. But how does it feel to you? Lustful, sensual? Or maybe you are even afraid something? A mix of thoughts, feelings, expectations?

Do not be scared. You are worshiped. Mindful, respectful and with dedication. Suppose, as you are. Everything is allowed.

You are sure. Old injuries can heal. Your soul is caressed and caressed. Your body is a temple. With every touch I am aware of it.

Touches. When was the last time you were touched? Just been hugged? When was the last time you touched a human consciously? We want to be touched. We long for it. Contact. Nearby. Skin. Many of us are not touched anymore. We close ourselves with the challenges of life. We "shut down". Save. Some of us build huge fortresses with high walls.

Your body is your partner. Your friend. Let's get in touch. In dialogue. Let us kindly accompany your body with our hearts. Easy, maybe prancing. Curious. Around you, a soul flutters and spreads its wings wide. That's tantra for me.

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    Zertifikat Tantramasseur TMV

    • TantraConnection Basisseminar "Das Tantramassage-Ritual" (7 Tage)

    TantraConnection Aufbauseminar "Yoni- und Lingammassage" (5 Tage)

    TantraConnection Aufbauseminar Becken-/Anal- & Prostatamassage (4 Tage)

    Abschluss-Seminar "Vertiefung und Initiation" (4 Tage)

    Seminar "Einführung in die Sexologie und Sexualberatung" - Deutsche Paracelsus Schulen Hamburg (2013)

    Ayurvedamassage: Padabhyanga – Abhyanga (SAMARA Hagen)

    Ausbildung in Kansha-Massage bei Kolja Kaiß (2013-2014)

    Seminar HerzRaum - Weite und Verbundenheit bei TantraConnection (2014)

    Fortbildung "Sexuelle Störungen und der Umgang damit in der Tantramassage" 1 Tag bei Cosima A. Köhn, Sexualtherapeutin (September 2016)

    Assistenz TantraConnection Seminar Chakren (3 Tage) 2016

    Assistenz TantraConnection TantraMassage I (3 Tage) 2017

    Assistenz TantraConnection Tagesseminar LebensLust 2017

  • Languages

    English, German, French
  • Qualifications

    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®

Background & Training

06/2013 – 02/2017

Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®
Diplom – Kaufmann, Magister in Europastudien


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