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Somatic Sex Education, Sex and Intimacy Coaching Winnipeg

Wendy Scheirich

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Main offers: Somatic Sex Education, Sex and Intimacy Coaching


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I am a retired nurse and social service worker; now a somatic sex educator. I worked for years with sexual abuse and trauma using a talk-based approach. Now I work with sexual pleasure and healing using a talk and touch-based approach.


Sexological Bodywork


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I started off a client of this modality and I experienced a sexual transformation in that role. I began to enjoy and embrace the pleasure, power and goodness inherent in erotic energy. And I discovered how increased somatic awareness and body wisdom is the way to tap into and mobilize my sexual energy. So now, as a practitioner, I support my clients to increase their access to sexual pleasure and healing through somatic (body-based) approaches. Pleasure is healing.

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    Certificate of Somatic Sex Education (CSSE)

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Certificate of Somatic Sex Education (CSSE)




Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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