Seal of Approval

The Trusted Bodywork Seal of Approval is a source of guidance and guarantee of quality, based on open and justifiable standards. Advertising using the Trusted Bodywork Seal of Approval and a listing on the platform is exclusively reserved for providers of bodywork and massage who satisfy our Quality Criteria.

Here are all practitioners with a currently valid Seal of Approval, listed by name.

Sexual health requires a positive and respectful attitude to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the opportunity to gain sexual experience(s) in a comfortable and safe way – free of any compulsion, discrimination or violence.

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Trusted Bodywork Seal of Approval

1. Quality Criteria

1.1 Training

Responsible professional work requires a high degree of specialist skill. At Trusted Bodywork you will only find offers which the practitioners are qualified to carry out, based on their training and/or specialist expertise.
Here you can find a current list of the recognised training courses and information on the selection criteria. Successful completion of training courses recognised by Trusted Bodywork has to be demonstrated by providing the appropriate certification. These training courses are highlighted in the practitioners profiles.

1.2 Continuing Professional Development

Regular further training (CPD) is essential to enhance our skills and ensure the long-term quality of our work. On this issue, Trusted Bodywork has the following recommendations:

  • The time involved in the training should amount to at least 20 lesson-hours per year.
  • The contents of the training courses should have direct relevance to the actual work carried out by the participant.
  • Training courses should take place in a group of at least six participants.

Practitioners should enter all important training courses into their profile, in order to make clear what qualifications they have.

1.3 Availability

Practitioners ensure they are available to be contacted easily. A minimum of 95% of enquiries should be answered within a maximum of two working days.

1.4 Premises

The premises used by the practitioner include a fault-free bathroom (shower and WC). These should be cleaned daily. If towels and sheets (or any other linen) are provided for the clients, this should be fresh and impeccably hygienic.

1.5 Services and Prices

Prior to starting any bodywork, transparent and binding information regarding the type, price and duration of services shall be provided and agreed. It is not permitted to charge supplementary fees or to add extra charges afterwards.

1.6 Customer Satisfaction

If a complaint is received by the Trusted Bodywork Arbitrator, Trusted Bodywork will make every effort to resolve the situation together with everyone involved. If complaints are repeatedly received or if a particularly serious complaint is received, Trusted Bodywork reserves the right to exclude individual practitioners from the platform and withdraw the Seal of Approval.

2. Ethical Guidelines

Responsible and high-quality bodywork, in particular when it includes or affects the areas of sexuality and Eros, requires good training and regular CPD. However, this is not enough: the inner attitude of the practitioner is of great significance. All practitioners on this platform are therefore required to commit themselves to comply with the Ethical Guidelines of Trusted Bodywork. Trusted Bodywork providers work with direct physical touch and are therefore aware of the special responsibility arising from this. This is reflected in the following principles

2.1 Reliability

The practitioners keep the promises made in any advertising, marketing or other descriptions of their services and offers. They begin and end their sessions punctually, and also comply with any other agreements made.

2.2 Confidentiality

All information which a practitioner gains in advance or during a session is handled confidentially. Passing on any of this information to third parties does not occur unless there is express permission from the person it concerns. Practitioners commit themselves to behaving in accordance with § 203 StGB (German law regarding confidentiality) and to maintain silence about anything they experience or hear during their professional activity, insofar as there is no law which dictates an exception or a legally protected interest which is threatened.

2.3 Integrity and Agreements

Practitioners respect the integrity of people they work with and protect their well-being. Clients themselves are allowed to determine where and in what way they would like to be touched. At any time the clients have the right to change their mind. At no time shall the provider try to manipulate this decision. The practitioner will actively question the client to confirm their boundaries.

2.4 Statements about Colleagues and Other Professions

Trusted Bodywork practitioners are friendly and respectful when they meet other people in the same profession. They avoid subjective criticism and unfair actions, nor do they attempt to push out other colleagues from their professional field or divest them of their contracts. Trusted Bodywork practitioners who believe they have observed unprofessional conduct by other providers should initially make these practitioners aware of this in a confidential manner. Instigating legal proceedings such as for defamation, libel or slander, taking out an injunction or officially reporting unfair practices should only be considered after contacting the Trusted Bodywork Arbitrator.

3. Monitoring

Compliance with these criteria, in particular regarding training, will be confirmed by the Trusted Bodywork team before the profile is published. For some of the criteria this involves feedback from guests. The Trusted Bodywork team does not carry out any site visits itself.