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Who is behind Trusted Bodywork? Meet the people who want you to find the best qualified practitioner, counselor or therapist.
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The Seal of Approval from Trusted Bodywork is based on 20 years of experience with some 500 providers – and you will be able to feel the difference this makes.
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What is Tantra?

Is tantra simply “eroticism for the New Age" or is it a long overdue reaction to an over-sexualised society? We are often asked, “What is tantra?”, but the answer is not so simple.

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“hands-on” or “hands-off“

Why do you need Sex Therapy? What is a Yoni- or Lingam-Massage? What exactly is a Prostate massage? What about female ejaculation? Is it true, that only women are allowed to ejaculate in Tantra?
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Sexual Counseling and Sex Therapy

At some point in life you long for a change - either alone or in a partnership. Here you have found a conversational partner who deals with the issue of sexuality in theory and on a practical level and who is open-minded towards all people regardless of their sexual orientation, identity or sexual tendencies
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There is so much to explore in a woman's life. We carry an endless knowledge within ourselves that is waiting to finally be discovered. The dimension of being a woman is inexhaustible. The earlier we start to make use of our creative and intuitive potential, the sooner we will have the chance to really have an influence in a world of men and women.