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Ann-Marlene Henning


Main offers: Author, sexual and couple counselor, lecturer, presenter



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Ann-Marlene Henning studied neuropsychology in Hamburg and sexology and couples therapy in Denmark, then completed the first and second stages of sex therapy after the Sexocorporel in Switzerland.


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"Ann-Marlene Henning is well on the way to becoming a German Ruth Westheimer. Such a voice has been lacking in public debate. «(Stern)

"Focussed but not chubby; factual, but not dry; winking, without delivering the couple ridiculous. «(Welt.de)

"The psychologist Ann-Marlene Henning has given the topic of sex a very own sound: something between funny and factual, never flippant or silly. Their enlightenment works without an index finger. «(Süddeutsche Zeitung)
Make More Love B
An adult education book
Whether you're 35 or 55, in love or in a relationship of many years, sex is a happy life for most people. However, the prejudice persists stubbornly: sex becomes less and less with age. The passion fades, the erotic fantasies fade. "Make More Love" clears up with some prejudices of this kind, gives courage and lets the curiosity awake again.

Make Love Goldmann Tb B
An enlightenment book
It has never been easier to learn about sex. Internet, television, magazines - everywhere there is a lot of pornography and eroticism. But that does not mean that young people today are better informed than they used to be - quite the contrary. Those who grow up today are primarily dealing with misleading ideals and false perfection. What is really important - intimacy, love, communication - has no place in the modern media. That's why it's high time for a new enlightenment book!

Dvd 5 Staffeln
Making Love Can Learn [6 DVDs]
While people are flooded with sexual images in everyday life and sex has long become a consumer good, men and women still find it hard to talk about their own sexuality.
It turns out that the most natural thing in the world lacks a suitable language.

The documentary format "Make Love - Making Love Can Learn" wants to break this silence. Because sex is communication.
The documentaries deal with the issues of sexuality and everyday life in couple relationships as well as single-existence, with which everyone can identify independently of age. In "Make Love", the experienced and experienced sexologist Ann-Marlene Henning speaks at eye level - as clearly as she is humorous - about her challenges with couples and singles. By way of example, real sex scenes are shown with a model pair and the subject is deepened through scientific projections and statistics.

Liebespraxis Ann Marlene Henning B 855
A sexologist tells
Everyone seems to know everything about sex, yet not everyone has sex to make him happy. In our supposedly enlightened society, the real taboos are the silence, the uncertainties and the knowledge gaps in our private relationships.
Ann-Marlene Henning manages to break through taboos with her books, her TV show, and above all her work in her practice: explicitly, without being pornographic; emphatic, without being obtrusive; sometimes funny, never embarrassing.

In her book LOVE PRACTICE, we immerse ourselves with the sexologist in her work, in the "typical" sexual problems and deficits of different couples between the ages of 20 and 80 whose causes are often complex. This third book of the author also contains autobiographical parts, true to the motto, who shows up openly and honestly, sometimes manages that their opponent also drops the mask.

Doch Noch Video Blog Ann Marlene Orgasmus
Still TV
My cameraman Felix and I occasionally produce video contributions for Still TV, our sexology video blog. Here you can find all publications in chronological order. You can also view our posts on our youtube channel - and subscribe, then you will be automatically notified when we post a new blog.

Check it out and comment please, what the stuff holds. We try to respond promptly to your comments, comments and requests.


Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    Ich arbeite seit 20 Jahre mit Klienten.

  • Languages

    English, German, Danish
  • Qualifications

    Sexocorporel Sexual Therapy Training

Background & Training

04/2016 – now

Master Studium Sexologie - Hochschule Merseburg

01/2010 – 01/2014

1. und 2. Stufe des Sexocorporels
Sexocorporel Sexual Therapy Training


Psychotherapeutische Heilpraktikerin

01/2008 – 01/2009

Paartherapie - Kopenhagen

09/2005 – 09/2008

3 Jahre Ausbildung zur Sexologin in Kopenhagen,






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