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Andrea Schiller


Main offers: Massages, body work



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In the beginning it was the curiosity and the interest in qualitatively conscious touching of the people, without expectation, humane and cordial.


Certified Tantric Massage
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Born in Upper Bavaria, I grew up very close to nature in a family home away from the village or city. I soon discovered my interest in medicinal herbs and made my first attempts at making tinctures and ointments.

A few years later, due to the chronic illness of my two children, I again dealt intensively with the topic of health and nutrition. I then decided to complete the basic training as an alternative practitioner specializing in classical homeopathy in three years. I became aware of many things through the training and it has completely changed my life. So many fundamental life questions came up, confronted me and that's how philosophy came into my life.

How do I live as a human being on planet earth and how can I contribute to keeping it habitable and worth living in for future generations?
What makes me human and what is absolutely vital? That's how I started to discover bodywork - and my way of touching people began
2013 with entry into craniosacral osteopathy at the international Upledger Institute.

In Austria, I met the souls of plants again at a friend's house, and I got to know and appreciate the ethereal side of plants in aromatherapy training. Man is so much more than just the sum of his parts... and I was still missing something on my professional path.... And so I came into contact with tantra and tantra massage in 2017 ... loving human touches are vital for us humans. I am happy to be able to contribute with my knowledge in the new garden

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    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®

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05/2018 – 03/2020

Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®





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