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Certified Tantric Massage

According to the guidelines of the German tantric massage asociation, the training finishes after 1.5 years with the professional certificate "Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®" (German: Tantramasseurin TMV®/ Tantramasseur TMV®). This is recognized as a proper vocational training and is tax-favored accordingly.

Based on these guidelines, other training institutes were recognized for the platform as well. In contrast to numerous unskilled practitioners of other erotic massages.

Andro Andreas Rothe, Diamond Lotus Berlin

Andro Andreas Rothe

Founder of the oldest Tantra school in Europe, the Diamond Lotus Tantra Berlin. Andro is a radical representative of the red Tantra. We owe to him the development of the Tantric Massage in the mid-eighties. Here, on the basis of elements of different massage techniques, a very sensual and effective massage form was developed.

Michaela Riedl, AnandaWave Köln

Michaela Riedl

Has been teaching massage seminars and trainings since 1997. Probably she taught the most professional tantric massage practitioners. Through numerous lectures and not least because of two bestselling books she wrote (2006 Yoni Massage and 2008 Lingam Massage both available in English and Hungarian translation), Michaela has created a solid foundation for tantric massage training. Since 2013, public authorities recognize that their trainings properly prepare for a profession.

John Hawken Tantra Web
John Hawken - Path of Tranformation

John Hawken

trained with famous Margot Anand as a licensed teacher of SkyDancing Tantra, has taught tantra full time for 20 years, founding SkyDancing UK in 1992, then he created his own approach to tantra - the Path of Tranformation. He has taught over 30 year-long singles and couples trainings in Germany, UK and the Czech Republic.

John Hawken was a member of the the shamanic lodge led by Arwyn Dreamwalker, where he studied the twisted hair shamanic path, which weaves together Celtic and Native American tribal traditions.

What is Original Tantric Massage?

A sensual whole body ritual, which deliberately and naturally involves the intimate area as part of the body. It has a meaningful structure, fixed in its basic elements:

  • preliminary talk 
  • Massage and ritual worship of the whole body    
  • Respectful touch and massage of the intimate area  
    • Lingam-Massage (man)
    • Yoni-Massage (woman)            
  • Supporting breathing and movement elements    
  • Massage and revitalization of the pelvic floor    
  • Exploring and stimulating the prostate possible   
  • Exploration and stimulation of the G-spot possible    
  • Exploration of one's own pleasure    
  • Room for calming down and open questions    
  • Recipients and givers of the massage are usually undressed  

extensions of the original tantric massage:

  • Couples massage
  • Touch Coaching: Learn intimate contact with your own partner or with a model    
  • Learning of female ejaculation    
  • Dealing with ejaculatio praecox by exploring the "point of no return"    
  • Overcoming traumatic interventions (eg surgery or difficult births)    
  • Overcoming abuse experience

Trainings for Original Tantric Massage

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Note: “Tantra massage" or "Sexual Therapy" are unfortunately no protected terms. On this page, we only promote practitioners with certified trainings according to our seal of quality.