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Tantra-Massage Luxemburg
Bob Luxemburg Tantra Massage Sexualberatung


Esch-sur-Alzette / Luxemburg, Köln

Main offers: Massages for women, men and couples

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Certified Tantric Massage


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In a protected room, I will accompany you on a journey of the senses, security and pleasure.

Give yourself up, feel yourself completely and meet the love for yourself.




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It started with a warm friendly inviting look from Bob and then I was able to enjoy a wonderful massage. Bob's cuddly, tender and at the same time clear touches gradually brought me out of my head into my body - I could feel and enjoy and experience my body pulsating and vibrating everywhere. In the aftermath I feel relaxed and woken up at the same time. Thank you very much for that!



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Dear Bob,

It is now a few weeks ago that I was able to receive my very first tantra massage from you.

I particularly liked your natural, uncomplicated and friendly manner. You knew how to pick me up well and wipe away my fear of emerging. Your touches were gentle and strong and unintentional. It was all about me. And that was a wonderful setting to completely surrender myself. You have strengthened and honored me in my femininity. In the end you kept me very dear and I was able to reconcile myself with all the male obstacle concepts in me and your masculine strength and mine have made me more complete. I will definitely come back! Many many thanks!



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Dear Bob,

It's been exactly a week since I was with you in Cologne. It's the craziest thing I've ever done in my life and the most beautiful at the same time.

I had to overcome this decision for a long time because there were some hurdles to overcome (uncertainty, fear of entrusting your own body to someone completely foreign, enduring nudity if you are not satisfied with your own body). I have hardly any experience in terms of sexuality or only a bad one ... and yet at the beginning of the massage you made it in a very special way that I could open up and experience sensuality for the first time in my life. Thank you for your sensitive manner. And I will come back! Kind regards,



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Hello dear Bob,

my friend and i would like to thank you again this way. Even days later, the massage with three of you still sounds pleasant to us, especially me. What abundance to be massaged by two men at the same time! You understood wonderfully how to form a team with my friend and to guide us through this special couple massage. There was no moment of jealousy with him and no moment of irritation with me, you adjusted so well to each other. We feel very inspired by this unforgettable tantra massage and will definitely repeat it!


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    German, French, Luxemburgisch
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    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®

Background & Training


Thai Yoga Massage bei Evelyn Unger, Institut für Traditionelle Thai-Yoga-Massage, Thailand


Yoni & Lingam Massage bei Melanie Fritz, Tantramassage Lernen, Kirchheim


Tantra-Massage bei Nhanga Ch. Grunow & Melanie Fritz, Tantramassage Lernen, Kirchheim


„Das Tao der sexuellen Massage“ bei Nirtana E. Gerhardt, Tantramassage Lernen, Oberrot


„Kino Mana“ in Hawaiianischer Körperarbeit bei Susan Pa‘iniu Floyd, Aloha Inter., Kisslegg


„Masterlover“ bei Mahasatvaa Ananda Sarita, Tantra-Essence, Dippoldiswalde/Schmiedberg


Fesselmassage „Sinnliche Magie“ bei Petra Schickedanz, Stuttgart


Kashmiri-Massage „Cycle III“ bei Marie Jésus Sandoval, Association Amrita, Dole Frankreich


Kashmiri-Massage „Cycle II“ bei Marie Jésus Sandoval, Association Amrita, Dole Frankreich


Assistenz AnandaWave® Grundseminar bei Michaela Riedl, Wermelskirchen


Assistenz AnandaWave® Paarseminar „Die Kunst der intimen Berührung“, Wermelskirchen


„Kino Mana II" in Hawaiianischer Körperarbeit bei Jutta Hahr, Tübingen


„Kino Mana IV“ Teacher training bei Susan Pa‘iniu Floyd, Aloha International, Fürnsaal


„Kino Mana I" in Hawaiianischer Körperarbeit bei Jutta Hahr, Fürnsaal

10/2008 – 12/2010

Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®


„International Lomi Conference“ bei Susan Pa‘iniu Floyd, Aloha International, Fürnsaal


Gesundheitspraktiker bei Cornelia Promny, UTA-Akademie Köln


Yoni- und Lingam-Massage bei Dirk Liesenfeld und Sarah Lentze, ZEGG Bad Belzig

02/2009 – 04/2009

Hawaiianische Energie-Massage und Aufbautraining bei Rachana L. Wolff, UTA-Akademie Köln


Tao-Massage bei Dirk Liesenfeld und Sarah Lentze, Gottsdorf


Tantra-Massage bei Dirk Liesenfeld, Tantrazentrum Berlin


„Ja zu mir, Ja zu dir“ bei Saleem Matthias Riek, The Art of Being, Wildberg/Schönbronn


Reiki-I bei Heide Walle, Frieckingen am Bodensee


"Das Tao der sexuellen Massage - Tao I“ bei Elisabeth Müller-Schwefe, Uexheim/Vulkaneifel


"Liebe-Lust-Leidenschaft" bei Lucian Loosen, EroSpirit, Bad Honnef


Ayurveda-Massage bei Silvio Wirth, Secret of Tantra, ZEGG Bad Belzig


Ylang-Ylang-Massage bei Silvio Wirth, Secret of Tantra, ZEGG Bad Belzig


Erotische Massage bei Leila Bust und Björn Leimbach, LoveCreation, Witten


"Die Umarmung" bei Lucian Loosen, EroSpirit, Bad Honnef


"Kundalini" bei Lucian Loosen, EroSpirit, Bad Honnef


"The Joy of Touch Sensitivity Massage" bei Lucian Loosen, EroSpirit, Bad Honnef


+49 (0)157 7153 3255



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