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Tantra-Massage Innsbruck Berlin

Shanaya Tantra Intense

Innsbruck , Berlin

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The more deeply I can feel a person in all his or her beauty, the greater the joy within me.


Certified Tantric Massage


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Welcome – nice to have you here.


I love sensual, slow, specific touches in their unique form of deep mindfulness, deep care, deep appreciation, deep compassion, deep respect, absolute depth and the variety of encounters. The more deeply I can feel a person in all their beauty, the greater the joy within me.

I love to research, to discover, to get to know myself and others, and to exchange ideas.

I love the depth in all its beauty and at the same time in all its pain. I love to be aware, to be present in the here and now and to taste/touch the moment.

I love the abundance and range of all feelings in the form of slats, differentiating in every single layer of perception and grasping the differences. To grasp the person in his individual uniqueness (yin and yang).

I love the personal development and the subsequent transformation as well as the deep revolution within us when, through growth, we become a better version for the sake of our planet because we begin to heal ourselves.

I love proper encounters because ONLY that has the maximum potential and the maximum impact for EACH of US to be able to give touch. I love skin contact, I love the lack of intention, I love closeness, I love emotional warmth, I love care, I love security, I love trust, I love devotion, I love sensitivity, I love holding, I love sensuality, I love lust, I love excitement, I love ecstasy, I love to feel, I love to sense and to gently play with it.

I love the deep connections with people in a protected (sacred) space, where hearts can open and where encounters can take place. I love intuitive and trained touch. I love the path of loving ourselves and the high art of mindful touch.

I love creating a place where you feel comfortable, where you can let go, where you can be you and feel accepted in your being, with what is there at the moment. Creating a shared place that lets you breathe a sigh of relief and from which you can draw new energy. Where you can explore and discover yourself anew, where you can experience deep transformation and where you can be more with yourself again.


Through a very profound, painful, short, absolutely intense relationship with the topic of sex.


I have been hurt a lot by women... Patronizing, disrespect and the withdrawal of closeness, physical contact and sexuality have led to a deep mistrust of women in me. Her slow and extensive touches opened my body so much that I was able to give myself over to her completely. Female blessing, unbelievable closeness, complete ecstasy... a full-body orgasm without penetration and without ejaculation, but with many tears of emotion and reconciliation. In those three hours she gave me everything that my partners and my mother could not or would not give me. She opened my heart again to the beauty of meeting women. Priceless.

Christian Kr.

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    Tantric Massage Practitioner Andro® L1

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Tantric Massage Practitioner Andro® L1



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