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Recognized Trainings

In our opinion, quality means first and foremost a clearly defined training and CPD. At least one of the trainings below has to be completed before one can be listed on this platform.




Certified Sexological Bodywork

Certified Tantric Massage Trainings

Bodywork Trainings specific for women:

Certification for practitioners with professional experience

Note: The German Tantra Massage Association (TMV) offers the chance of extraordinary certification for providers with comprehensive professional experience. Please enquire to the TMV for further information.

Sexual Therapy and Counseling

The Sexocorporel-concept is an exception in this list of trainings. It is mainly directed to professionals with medical or therapeutic background. Here you learn a lot about sexual therapy and coaching. Touching the client is not part of this concept, touching skills have to be learned elsewhere.

Recognition of further training programs

The recognition of other training programs is possible. Please send details about the program to:

Please note that recognition will be granted on the basis of the experience and qualifications of the trainer, plus assessment of the training design. Our main orientation is the criteria of the professional association for tantra massage.

Important criteria are for example:

  • At least 100 hours of physical on-site training
    (the above trainings usually have significantly more)
  • An experienced and trustworthy teacher and co-teacher
  • All instructors are committed to adhering to the ethical guidelines of Trusted Bodywork.
  • The teacher and co-teacher are further developing the content of the work (they are not just adopting well-known structures)
  • Lessons in a group of at least 10 participants with numerous guided exercises with different exercise partners
  • at least 10 logged exercise sessions
  • personal and individual supervision talks with the teachers
  • The training concept has proven itself in at least three complete runs.

Note: “Tantric Massage", "Sexual Therapy" or "Sexual Counseling" are unfortunately no protected terms. Some practitioners use these terms to advertise their services although they have no appropriate training.