Tantra Yoni Massage

My Tantra Experience

Annette Hohberg, editor at Myself, travels from Munich to Cologne in order to experience a tantra massage. The result is a four-page cover story.

Myself Inhalt Teil

Why do more and more women treat themselves to a tantra massage?

(…) Colleagues and friends were confused or even perplexed when I told them about my plan. They reacted in a way as if I had voluntarily signed up for an endodontic treatment without anaesthesia. Others regarded my proposition as a relapse into the esoteric incense stick world of the Seventies.    

(…) Taking off your clothes you get rid of everyday life at the same time and you enter another room (…). The nakedness of both people is to enable that they encounter one another at the same level. “The body is the temple of the soul” is one of the tantra beliefs. In this temple, shiva or shakti are worshipped, the male or female being in the other person, who is your counterpart. During the massage you are the one who receives. You don’t have to do anything – well, just let happen and let go. 

(…) I lie on my stomach and feel her warm hands touching my neck, back, arms, legs; head and feet; bottom and the inside of the thighs. Slowly, very slowly, I let go. Where else are you in a place where no demands are put on you and where the only important thing is to look inside yourself.

Even for experienced tantra masseurs it is especially demanding to massage women.

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