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My work combines modern knowledge in the field of sexology with various methods of bodywork.


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Didi Liebold Zurich

My inspiration

You might think that we live in an open and enlightened world. Sexuality is no longer a taboo subject. On the contrary, what triggered a storm of indignation 20 years ago has now become commonplace. But the exemplified sexuality from film, television and the Internet is often only superficial and neglected that sex is much more than just acting out an instinct. Sexuality can be much more when it is really lived. When it's not just about quick satisfaction, but when you really open yourself to it and can fully surrender to the feeling.

But where do you learn how to deal with your own sexuality? We spend a lot of money on our vocational training, on our hobbies, on sports - only when it comes to our sexuality do we expect it to simply be there.

It is my goal to support people on their way to experience sexuality in a new way. To accompany and advise you in order to get to know new levels of passion and ecstasy. Because for me a healthy sexuality is pure life energy. And one of the guiding principles for Sexological Bodyworkers is:

Sexological Bodyworkers believe that sexual health and erotic education are basic human rights.

And I can only fully support this principle and I would like to contribute my part in the implementation of a healthy and open approach to sexuality.

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  • Experience

    Seit 2007 Arbeit mit Sexological Bodywork

  • Languages

    English, German
  • Qualifications

    Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CSB)

Background & Training

Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CSB)
Diplom in klassischer Massage beim Zentrum Bodyfeet in Aarau
Sky Dancing Tantra-Seminar nach Margot Anand am Institute for Ecstatic Living, Kalifornien
Taomassage-Seminar bei Secret of Tantra in Belzig
Diverse Tantramassage-Seminare bei Nhanga Chr. Grunow in Stuttgart, Kircheim und Belzig
Dipl. Esalen Massage Practitioner
Sexualpädagoge PLANeS/HSA Luzern


+41 79 670 74 22



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