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Karin Nürnberg Tantra-Massage



Main offers: Massage (Tantra, Lomi, Thai, Tao), cuddle therapy, yoga, psychological Coaching


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Accompaniment and touch with hand and heart
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Certified Tantric Massage
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On my journey I was able to experience how beneficial and healing touch can be. I would like to share this with you.

I offer you support and touch in a safe environment. I accompany you on your path at eye level, in person-to-person contact with respect and goodwill, my loving presence, my humor and my naturalness.

* * * * *

"From the first minute, you made me feel welcome and relaxed with your very natural manner. Thank you for the invitation to your empathy, your sensitivity and this wonderful ecstasy that I was allowed to feel."

«You made me float and gave me the feeling of being valuable. I was able to open myself up to your gentle and loving way. With you I felt safe and invited to be myself.»

more feedback on https://www.tarisha-massagen.de/team/karin#GBKarinRead

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Simply BE

You're there
Stop and notice
Hands on your body
let you – feel yourself
They hold you
and give you security and safety
In a room where you can be yourself
Nothing must, nothing should
Everything can BE THERE
You don't need to do anything

You are invited to be yourself
Your sensuality, your lust and your joy are invited
And also your fear, shame, anger and sadness [and everything else]
Your whole BEING
As far as and as it may appear at this moment

During the massage, I approach you as a person, showing you respect, appreciation and goodwill. I accept you empathetically, just as you are. There is only the HERE & NOW.

You are in a space free of expectations. Outside of the meeting, you have no relationship with me and can be completely free.

The tantric massage lets you experience your body, your sensuality and your desire in a different way than usual. You can stay completely with yourself and be completely yourself.

What fascinates me is that the massage is truly holistic, no part of the body is excluded - a person can be there as a whole. Everything is allowed, but nothing is mandatory. A wonderful combination of freedom and contact. It feels free, alive and safe to me.

* * * * *


Lomi Lomi Nui
For me, the Hawaiian energy massage radiates liveliness and joy of life and gives a lot of security.
A flowing and loving oil massage on the massage table.

Thai Massage
Traditional Thai massage is a combination of acupressure, muscle stretching (passive yoga), energy work and meditation. It is also known as "yoga for lazy people".
It takes place in comfortable clothing on a floor mat.

Tao massage
The Tao massage (according to Stephen Russel and Jürgen Kolb) has a clearly defined structure. It is slow, gentle and meditative. It opens up a space of silence and tenderness.
It is an oil massage that takes place on a floor mat.

Cuddle therapy - individual cuddle session
Humans are herd animals and physical contact is therefore an important need for us. Cuddling is non-sexual physical contact.
For a few years now, we have been seeing an increasing number of cuddle parties where people go to find other people who also want to cuddle. The physical contact here goes both ways.
Cuddle therapy is all about you and your desires.
You don't need to worry about whether the other person is really okay with it and how you can give it back. It's all about you. Nobody wants anything from you, you can wish for whatever you want.
Further information https://kuschelraum.de/kuscheltherapie/#informationen

Body-oriented psychological Coaching and bodywork
Talk therapy, massage therapy, yoga therapy, cuddle therapy, as well as methods from the body-oriented, systemic and transpersonal Integralis training.
(I do not diagnose or provide medical treatment. You are responsible for yourself.)

The central element in yoga is mindfulness. The goal is inner freedom.
From simple and gentle physical exercises to physical workouts, various breathing exercises, meditations, the deep relaxation Yoga Nidra...

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Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    seit 2004 gebe ich professionell Massagen

  • Languages

    English, German
  • Qualifications

    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV® (AZ)

Background & Training

02/2024 – 06/2024

Polyvagales Embodymenttraining (PET, Polyvagal Akademie)

11/2003 – 04/2023

Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV® (AZ)

07/2022 – 12/2022

Kuscheltherapie (Kuschelraum)

03/2021 – 08/2022

Psychologischer Berater (Zukunftswerkstatt Amberg)


Taomassage (Jembatan)

04/2017 – 05/2021

körperorientiere, systemische und transpersonale Coaching Ausbildung (Integralis Akademie)


Assistenz bei Yoni-/Lingam-Seminar (Pamela Behnke)


Awakening Women Frauentempelgruppentraining (Yashodhara)

01/2019 – 05/2019

Yoni Heilmassage, Wilde Shakti, Modul 1-3 (Elvira Malinovskaa)

12/2010 – 05/2014

Gewaltfreie Kommunikation (Niederkaufungen), 2 Jahrestraining und weitere Seminare

04/2013 – 11/2013

Yoga und Kommunikation wie begegne ich mir und anderen (Simran K. Wester, Christine Funke)

02/2012 – 05/2013

Weiterbildung für Ashtanga Yogalehrer (Heike Katharina Schmidt, Inke Shenar)

10/2006 – 03/2013

Yoga Teacher Training (Ananda Mandala Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center, Sweden)

10/2007 – 08/2008

Weiterbildung Ashtanga Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga Werkstatt)


Traditionelle Thai Yoga Massage (Sunshine Massage School)


Hawaiianische Energiemassage - Lomi Lomi Nui (Rachana Wolff)

08/2004 – 10/2004

Ayurvedisches Massagetraining (Komala Lyra)


Tantramassage Grundausbildung bei Michaela Riedl

01/2003 – 04/2003

3-monatiger Sadhanakurs Tantrisches Kriya Yoga (Skand. Schule für Yoga und Meditation)


Yogalehrerin (BYV)

06/2001 – 09/2001

Auslandsaufenthalt in Indien - u.a. Teilnahme Farmprojekt von ISEC in Ladakh (Juli)

08/2000 – 12/2000

Auslandsaufenthalt in Australien - WWOOFen, Permaculture Design Certificate Course

10/1999 – 04/2000

Auslandsaufenthalt in Australien - Praktikum im Cape Range National Park (Okt), WWOOFen


Diplom Geographie (Univ. Kiel)


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