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Ki Martinez

Philadelphia, PA

Main offers: Sexological Bodywork and Sexual Coaching for women & non-binary folks

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The ethos of my work is to wholeheartedly offer unconditional positive regard, co-create client-focused sessions, and prioritize your learning objectives.


Sexological Bodywork
Sexual Coaching for Women
Online Practitioner / Online Classes


PA mission
My mission is to reunite you with your body & pleasure

Hi, I’m Ki. My pronouns are They, Them, Theirs

My Story

I first came to somatic sexology in 2017. My partner and I had struggled for years with intimacy and had sought help from all the usual experts that folks would recommend – therapists, elders, and even sex-specializing therapists. None of those actually helped us with any of our intimacy challenges. Then I learned about somatic sex coaching and bodywork. Everything changed from that point.

  • First, I needed to learn how to ask myself the question, what do I want?
  • And then learn how to go about finding the answers.
  • I also needed to learn how consent is experienced in my body, and how detrimental it was to ignore my body’s no.
  • With the help of my somatic sex coach, I also learned how important play is for us as adults, too.
  • My coach helped me have new experiences I would have never had on my own. And, the list goes on!

In the world of bodies, sex, and our ideas about them, there is so much to learn and so much to un-learn.

It wasn’t long before I realized this work was a passion of mine.

My Work

Please note I am currently not working with penis owners who identify as men unless via coaching a couple not made up of another penis owner identifying as a man. Please only reach out if you are a woman, AFAB, or non-binary and are not seeking PE or ED help.

I received my training in the UK at the Sea School of Embodiment in 2020 and became a certified embodiment coach and certified sexological bodyworker. I am a member of the worldwide Association for Certified Sexological Bodyworkers. Today I specialize in working with growth-oriented people of all genders, erotic explorers, creatives, helping professionals, adults with anxiety, and folks suffering from the effects of trauma.

The ethos of my work is to wholeheartedly offer unconditional positive regard, co-create client-focused sessions, and prioritize your learning objectives.

Some of what’s possible through our work together:

  • Learn about yourself sexually
  • Learn to feel good in your sensual body
  • Embrace and accept your body more
  • Learn the ins-and-outs of your own Anatomy
  • Improve your relationship to your Anatomy
  • Heal body and genital shame
  • Learn how to identify what you like and don’t like; Identify what truly brings you pleasure
  • Learn how to negotiate consent
  • Increase your ability to engage in intimacy of all kinds with others
  • Find support around discomfort with intimacy / being seen / letting people close
  • Increase your capacity to communicate feelings, needs, and desires
  • Learn what kind of touch you truly want and enjoy
  • Improve your relationship to masturbation and orgasms
  • Learn how to masturbate in ways that feel better
  • Learn how to orgasm with another person, if that's been a struggle
  • Learn how to have sex that's fun, playful, and feels good
  • Experiment with different toys, kinks, and new pleasure experiences
  • Explore unwanted dynamics in your partnership, eroticism, fantasies, or sex life
  • Cultivate skills to deepen intimacy with yourself and partners
  • Learn how to receive / stop performative receiving

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    Certified in Thai Massage in 2019

    Certified in Somatic Sexological Bodywork in 2021

    Certified in Embodied Sex Coaching in 2021

  • Languages

  • Qualifications

    Certified Sexological Bodyworker

Background & Training

02/2020 – 07/2021

Certified Sexological Bodyworker


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19104 Philadelphia, PA
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