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There is so much to explore in a woman's life. We carry an endless knowledge within ourselves that is waiting to finally be discovered. The dimension of being a woman is inexhaustible. The earlier we start to make use of our creative and intuitive potential, the sooner we will have the chance to really have an influence in a world of men and women.

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Book recommendation: Yoni-Massage by Michaela Riedl

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Our recommendation: the book by ANANDA Co-Founder and tantric massage expertMichaela Riedl

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" When I first made contact with the Yoni-Massage - for me it meant an immense step to agree in this kind of massage. It took a lot of courage to make a conscious decision, which is simply to regain that birthright. With the term "birthright" I mean the right of any woman to live her sexuality to its full potential, in order to inexhaustibly draw from this healing source of power."

Michaela Riedl

Sexuality the strongest source for vitality

The experiences and feelings that a woman may have during the Yoni-Massage can be very different, ranging from sadness, oceanic lust, anger, horniness, up to indifference - everything is possible and more than that - everything is allowed. It is not at all about focussing on a special kind of feeling or fulfilling a particular expectation. The main idea is simply to observe and to realise.  The feelings that actually arise, no matter of which nature they are, can be expressed and celebrated, as they belong to us and tell our story. The special quality of the Yoni-Massage is the fact that during the massage only you are important and that you are not stepping into a sexual interaction with the giver. It is important that you let go of your concern about how the other person is feeling at the time.
The Yoni-Massage technique originates primarily from Chinese Taoism, which is very much influenced by Tantra. 

The technique was formulated by Annie Sprinkle, a Tantra-masseuse from America. Due to the intensive experiences I've had with my women's research group "Drachenspur", I've modified the formula where it seemed appropriate. 

Energetical processes during the yoni massage

(from "Die Kunst der sexuellen Ekstase" by Margo Anand)

During the Yoni-Massage a lot of energy is built up and consciously used for transformation and mind-expansion. Regarding the sexual energy, the Taoists, and we as well, work with the idea of an inner flute, which runs along a vertical line throughout the body. Even though the inner flute is not accepted as an anatomic fact, it follows the physical and neurological paths of the body, which connect the endocrine glands.
Those seven glands - the genital gland, the adrenaline gland, the pancreas, the thymus gland, the thyroid gland, the brain-appendage gland and the pineal gland - regulate the life-force and the energy stream of the body.  By opening the inner flute, a feeling of vitality, rejuvenation and increased sexual energy will arise. Woman can experience the inner flute by visualizing how the whole sexual energy flows through this channel. 

By opening the inner flute, a feeling of vitality, rejuvenation and increased sexual energy will arise. Woman can experience the inner flute by visualizing how the whole sexual energy flows through this channel. 

As a matter of fact, a woman can actually learn to play this flute by means of the seven finger-holes, which correspond to the seven Chacras, or the energy centres of the body. 
The Chacras symbolize the energy fields, which are produced by the body's endocrine glands. 

The PC- Pump

A very important muscle for intensifying the sexual energy and desire is the "PC-muscle. It spreads around the pelvis in the shape of a butterfly, connecting the anus and the genitals with the spine and the legs. It is the main muscle of the pelvis, controlling the opening and closing of urethra, vagina and anus. It is also the muscle that woman has to trust when she urgently needs to urinate, but circumstances don't allow it. Women can feel this muscle especially strongly when they have to actively press during the expulsion stage of childbirth. 

Training the PC-muscle can help women to enormously enhance their sexual desire and to have a vaginal orgasm without penetration. This pump-exercise (to flex and relax the PC-muscle) does not just prepare your PC-muscle for sexual practices, but woman can also let sexual energy build up in the inner flute. This exercise, together with consciously breathing in and out (breathing in when flexing the PC-muscle and breathing out when loosening the PC-muscle) can always be integrated into the Yoni-Massage.