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Main offers: Tantra and body therapy, sex therapy, bioenergetics, women's seminars, annual groups, couples seminars and training

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Graduate social worker (FH) and general alternative practitioner (TCM) with many years of therapeutic experience (practice opened in 1994). Regular training, including with Dr. David Schnarch, sexocorporell and trauma therapy.


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Tantra, which is more than a thousand years old, also offers us today's open-minded people its knowledge as an opportunity for personal growth. It describes the energetic relationships, the unity of all being as a source for a pleasurable and ecstatic existence that continuously experiences its potential. Tantra is neither religion nor dogma, but an individual journey that ends with freedom.

My approach is a very fiery, emotional variant of Tantra. It connects you with your feelings and promotes clarity and independence in daily life. And it deeply opens compassion. Suppressed feelings often lie like a veil over reality and permanently cloud our perception and our desire for life. They prevent closeness, involvement and deep, fulfilling encounters. In Tantra you have the opportunity to shed your skin like a snake: to recognize and feel the entanglements. Awareness creates space for freedom. The more you become master of your house again and know all the corners and rooms, the more you can work with your energies: the liberated sexual energy is available to you as a companion for everyday projects or for spiritual practice.
Beyond consumption, Tantra is based on the cultivation of sexuality, more than that, it is about increasing energy and the sacred aspect of sexual being. In Tantra the body is worshiped. Likewise, Shiva and Shakti (the divine core located beyond the personal, in man and woman) enjoy the greatest reverence and respect.

Encounters that are based on such an attitude are becoming increasingly rare under today's circumstances, the stress of performance and prejudices. The tantra seminars offer insights into my work; questions about love and sexuality are examined from a tantric perspective. To forestall a question that may arise, there are no “nude sessions” or sexual interaction in the short, two-day weekend seminars. All that is required is the will to be as present as possible.

Body therapy

The focus is on intensive physical work. Exercises from bioenergetics, holotropic breathing, rebirthing and elements from Tantra Yoga are used, among other things. Professional and individual corrections help ensure that very clear effects can occur even after a short seminar.

A sweaty time begins here for beginners: This is an absolute must at the beginning in order to soften solidified and frozen things. The work always begins with your own “armour” and increases your touchability and your power. Yoga practices give you more freedom of movement after just a short time. A large number of guided, emotional sessions lead you back to yourself again and again and bring your issues to the surface.


Modern bioenergetics and sex therapy uses the fundamental experiences and concepts of the Austrian sex researcher Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen, his American student (bioenergetic analysis). The consensus is that humans, throughout their developmental history, fend off feelings that are too much or cannot be digested by the entire system at that point in time. As a result, people “armor” themselves over the course of their lives. Most of the time, those involved don't notice it themselves. However, the so-called “armor” can also become visible, e.g. B. in the sexual area. A common theme among men, for example, is the inability to experience pleasure for longer (Praecox). In women, for example, it can manifest itself as an orgasmic disorder.

Modern bioenergetics and sex therapy uses classic bioenergetic exercises and postures from yoga. To restore the unity of breathing, voice and movement, music and speech are used to support the process. Time and repetition duration differs in the length of the exercise.

Interplay of tantra, body therapy and bioenergetics

The seminars are based on proven methods from bioenergetics and yoga as well as tantric techniques. The combination of modern Western and Eastern methods helps to free and certainly increase life energy! An absolute special feature is the professional guidance and at the same time the compassionate connection between the management and the group.

All exercises are powerful tools that can also be practiced on your own later. Tantra requires mutual respect and respect as a prerequisite in dealing with each other.

Tantra rituals

Tantric rituals have a high priority in the tantra seminars and especially in the Tantric Matrix annual tantra training. Every longer seminar finds its crowning conclusion. The Tantra rituals are often very bombastic and are characterized by sensual and magnificent productions. There has always been a phase of purification, which in earlier times consisted of fasting. We use modern methods to clear the body and mind and to sit at the same table with the gods. That's why rituals only take place in longer seminars or annual Tantric Matrix training. Nudity is a requirement there.

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    seit 2016 : Ridhwan School von A.H. Almaas, Diamond Approach

    2011: Fortbildung bei Krishnanada (Dr. Thomas Trobe) und Amana Trobe, Learning Love Institute, Arizona

    2009-2010: Studium des Buddhismus (Universität Hamburg, Prof. Dr. Bikkhu Analayo)

    2007-2010: Fortbildung zu EMDR und Traumatherapie (Manfred Dlouhy, Facharzt für Naturheilkunde, Ausbilder für psychosomatische Medizin)

    2005-2007: 3-jährige Praxis des „EBE” nach Daniel Barron

    1999-2004: 5-jährige Ausbildung zur Tantralehrerin bei Advaita Maria Bach Ausbildung zur Primärtherapeutin

    1996: Ausbilderin für Tantramassagen, Trainerin für Taiji Chuan und Qi Gong

    1994: Praxiseröffnung für Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin (TCM), Abschluss als Allgemeine Heilpraktikerin

    1990-1998: Ausbildung in tantrischen Massagetechniken, Seminare bei Andro (Diamond Lotus Institut), 3 Jahre tantrische Lebensgemeinschaft

    1990-1996: Ausbildung in Tui Na, Thaimassage, Hand- und Fußreflexzonenmassage, Akupunkt-Massage nach Penzel

    1987-1990: Mitarbeiterin bei HYDRA e.V. und im Gesundheitsamt Schöneberg (nachgehende Krankenfürsorge, Schwerpunkt: Aids-Projekt)

    1985-1989: Studium der Sozialpädagogik an der FH Berlin, Abschluss als Diplom-Sozialpädagogin

  • Languages

    English, German
  • Qualifications

    Sexocorporel Sexual Therapy Training

Background & Training

01/2014 – now

Sexocorporel-Fortbildung Institut Sexocorporel International (ISI)

01/2012 – now

Fortbildungen bei Dr. David Schnarch/Dr. Ruth Morehouse: Crucible Approach, Paartherapie

01/2003 – now

Seminartätigkeit als Inhaberin und Leiterin Ilka Stoedtner | Tantric Matrix
Sexocorporel Sexual Therapy Training


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