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Eva Weaver sexological bodywork London

Eva Weaver

Brighton, London

Main offers: Sex & Intimacy coaching, Sexological Bodywork, Somatic Sex Education



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Sex is important. It is our birthright and our most powerful life force, central to our wellbeing, health and joy.


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Sex is important. It is our birthright and our most powerful life force, central to our wellbeing, health and joy.

Yet sometimes we might get disconnected from our sexuality, possibly for a long time. Reasons could be traumatic experiences, physical pain, depression, lack of confidence or opportunity, changes during menopause, recovery from illness, bereavement or breakup, body shame, dysphoria, loss of libido etc.

I am passionate about supporting people to experience more pleasure and find ways to clear any challenges in the way of a fulfilled sexuality. Even if you feel hopeless, dis-connected or even broken, I believe that no obstacle is insurmountable and there is always a way forward.

I offer a safe space in which you can explore your unique erotic and sexual self, including coaching, somatic sex education and the possibility of bodywork.

I can support you to:

– clarify desires;

– strengthen boundaries and empower enthusiastic consent;

– dismantle shame and tap into the wisdom of your body;

– change habits that no longer serve you;

These are some of the areas we might explore together:

* learning about the anatomy of arousal;

* loss or lack of sexual desire and libido;

* reconnecting with sex after childbirth, menopause, prostate surgery, cancer or other life events;

* support with chronic pelvic pain, vulvodynia, numbness or hyper-sensitivity;

* scar tissue remediation- attending to scars, allowing for more sensation;

* creating a better relationship to genitals/ addressing genital shame and learning more about the anatomy of arousal;

* learning to feel safe and comfortable in your body, addressing body shame and body image issues;

*mindful masturbation/ self-pleasure coaching;

* G-spot or prostate exploration;

* experiencing and maintaining erection and pleasure without erection;

* exploring how breath can support arousal;

*learning about boundaries and consent;

* overcoming shame, guilt or fear in the realm of sex;

* becoming orgasmic, or more orgasmic;

* building sexual confidence, agency and empowerment;

* exploring female ejaculation;

* changing habitual sexual roles or scripts;

* healing from sexual abuse or trauma we might hold in our bodies;

* exploring erotic possibilities as a transitioning or transgender person, or someone who wants to play with gender;

* curiosity about conscious kink/ BDSM;

* exploring the realm of anal pleasure;

* expand habits, nourish connection to my own sexual self and energy;

* addressing troublesome turn-ons, including 'porn addiction' or unwanted fantasies;

* learning how to communicate sexual desires, wishes and needs/ finding your voice and agency;

Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education might include sessions in:

– self-pleasure/masturbation coaching;

– scar tissue remediation;

– pleasure mapping and genital mapping;

– erotic massage;

– external anal/ rosebud massage and internal anal mapping and massage;

– genital massage for all genders;

- erotic awakening massage (Taoist Massage);

- breathwork;

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    since 1993 running workshops, courses and retreats

  • Languages

    English, German
  • Qualifications

    Certified Sexological Bodyworker

Background & Training

02/2017 – 09/2017

Certified Sexological Bodyworker



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