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Main offers: Touch rituals, touch coaching for women, men and couples, hormone massage for women, senior massage, shibari massages, oil ritual

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Health practice for holistic body awareness


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Welcome to my health practice for holistic body awareness and energy balance in Esslingen

Appointments by arrangement Monday to Friday. Massage Saturday once a month.

Immerse yourself in the realm of the senses - experience your inner being

My hands guide you on a sensory journey that combines physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Let yourself be carried by a wave and enjoy the holistic and respectful touches. Experience loving appreciation, a new mindfulness and an intensified awareness that penetrates all areas of life.

In the loving and devoted massage you will experience deep relaxation and true joy of life and you will be able to freely experience your lust and sensuality in a completely new way.

Sensitize your senses and your perception – feel yourself with every cell in your body.

Only the present moment counts – time and space and all values that you know dissolve. Let yourself drift...

Be filled with a deep longing for acceptance and understanding, for closeness and tenderness. Draw anew from the source of holistic well-being and vitality, feel the loving self-awareness and allow yourself to be transported into a state of pleasure and bliss.

I invite you to immerse yourself in the infinite beauty and depth of your feelings and let your heart be touched and your soul caressed.

* NEW* now available

Ying-Yang massage ritual for women (and for men) -
A special 4-hand massage experience with female and male energy.

Let yourself be enveloped by a strong male and a delicate female energy. Enjoy large, warm and energetic hands as well as the lightness of sensitive sensations. The interplay of touches can merge into one another, the association becomes blurred and switches off the head. This creates tension and relaxation at the same time. Feel safe in strong arms that give you security and support.

  • Arrival with a welcome drink (sparkling wine or juices)
  • Individual preliminary interview, shower
  • Appreciation ritual for greeting
  • Skin & Soul 4-Hand Full Body Touch Ritual
  • (Massage time including ritual 2 hours)
  • Follow-up time, shower, follow-up discussion

Your appreciation amount:

Yin-Yang Ritual De Luxe 390.- € Total duration approx. 3 hours

Black Passion Oil Ritual

See and feel latex. Let yourself be enveloped in lots of oil. Experience the deluxe massage on a latex sheet. Glide weightlessly over the sheet, let yourself be moved and massaged under your body. Experience unknown and sensual sensations on your skin and let all your senses be sensitized. Experience the power of the words that guide you through this ritual and experience the intensity of feelings while blindfolded.

Massage duration 2 hours, total duration approx. 3 hours

Your valuation amount 310.- €

Captivating Magic – Tantra Bondage Massage

Experience magical moments of unconditional reception and the captivating play of the senses.

You immerse yourself in an unknown world that you can experience through your intense feelings. You can let go of everything, let yourself go and surrender to the intoxication of the senses in complete passivity and trust.

Darkness envelops you and makes you feel every touch even more intensely. You feel how carefully the ropes are wrapped around your body and electrify every millimeter of your skin. You feel the tension of the unknown that makes you tremble and you experience the alternation of gentle dominance and infinite tenderness, of captivating embrace and the gentle tantric play of sensations.

Bound and completely at one with yourself, you can experience yourself anew. Let yourself be fascinated by additional stimuli from the SM area, if you want to.

Enjoy and allow yourself to give up control and let yourself be guided with trust.

Massage duration 2 hours, total duration approx. 3 hours

Your valuation amount 310.- €


Dear Romina,

Today is the day I get a yoni massage from you. I've been looking forward to it ever since we made the appointment. You will warmly welcome me in a lovingly prepared massage room. With an open, calm look, you ask about the remarkable experiences I have had with yoni massages, what I particularly liked and whether I might be sensitive in one part of my body or another. You made the greeting ritual warm, so that I immediately felt familiar and in good hands. You awaken my senses on every square centimeter of skin by brushing your hair over my body, gently stroking my fingertips along my spine, later with warm oil and rich, supple palms that persistently trace every curve of my body. I notice every touch, although occasionally I disappear into a far-off world in between where I relax deeply and can hardly breathe. With your loving, warm nature, I touch you imaginatively and variedly, delicately and confidently, sometimes cautiously, sometimes with lively momentum. The Yoni massage feels uniquely beautiful, a new tingling sensation, indescribable! I feel completely nourished and satisfied.

The result is a work of body art that only lasts a short time, but which I will remember for a long time.

Thank you, Romina, for your loving presence and the massage you gave me today.


Hello Romina,

Thank you very much for a wonderful experience that I did not expect. It was my first tantra massage and of course you think about it beforehand. What motivated me to try out a tantric massage was the fact that in recent years I have been so tense both professionally and privately that there is hardly any time left to wind down, relax and recharge my batteries. It was time to do something about it and somehow I became aware of the topic of tantric massage. However, I would never have thought it would be such an experience. It was simply an indescribable, beautiful experience and today, a week later, I'm still amazed when I think back. At the moment of the welcoming ceremony, when we held hands, I drifted off as if in a trance. It's hard to put into words how body and soul came together. I would like to thank you very much for this wonderful experience.

Best regards,


Hello dear Romina,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the wonderful tantra massage that I was able to experience with you on June 12th. At this point I was more out of my depth than I had been in years due to a separation, far too much pressure in my new job and also a sexual “Waterloo”. My self-image in almost every area was at rock bottom. A dear friend gave me the tip for the Dakini and I'm glad I was able to enjoy the massage with you. It was my first tantric massage and the first encounter was characterized by warmth and acceptance that I was still a bit tense, but I now knew it would be good. And it got even better. A few minutes had to pass before I was able to fully assume the passive role of the receiver (which I rarely do) but with every minute I felt more and more of your attention, of being accepted and also arrived, the feeling of being immersed in yourself warming and protected flow, to forget time, all burdens and worries fall away and at the same time freedom and relaxation spread. Everything was good in the end, I was good, the world was good and my self-image was healed to the point where it was restored in the days and weeks that followed. I still feel wonderfully ready and centered. Yes, and that continues to this day.

I'm already looking forward to the next time.


Hello Romina,

I was able to experience another highlight with you this afternoon.

It's amazing the feeling and empathy with which you approach the man and also use your body where necessary. There were clearly flows of energy that I had never noticed before.

I will treat myself to this unforgettable experience every now and then.

You must

Dear Romina!

Nobody who has never experienced a tantric massage should claim that they really know their body.

Anyone who, like most of us, grew up in a spirit that mostly instrumentalizes the physical will be surprised by new, happy physical experiences in Tantra.

And with you, dear Romina, there is also a deep spirituality that, always appearing pleasantly grounded, is able to awaken deeply buried energies. They last and have an impact on everyday life.

And anyone who can let go a little can take off with you on an incredible flight of heights!

Namaste – bowing to you!


Dear Romina,

it's true and like you said because you felt it: after your massage I was floating, lying on the futon. But also during. Even though you put me firmly on my feet on your red carpet beforehand.

You are like your gaze: sensitive, accommodating, and at the same time gripping. A fascinating combination.

You also said, and this particularly moved me, that the massage almost created a kind of harmony at times. When I think about it, it was because I had to voluntarily follow your touches. An interesting paradox. And very attractive.

The light pressure on the tip of my index finger was your last touch before you left. She stopped until you came back.

I thank you.

See you soon.


THANK YOU Romina, that the massage made me feel like a real MAN again and that I am totally proud of everything about my body!!!!!Because he received true, respectful, loving attention and touch.

I'm just HAPPY after this day. And my conscience is totally calm and satisfied....

Since my early youth, with something that calls for liberation and true peace and joy, there has been an overwhelming desire to gain clarity in the sexual area. Even though I had to walk on the edge of despair for a few decades, today on this December 11th, 2018, through God's great grace and THROUGH YOU, I was able to experience this liberation and peace in an amazing way.

I will forever thank you Romina and I'm excited to see what the future will bring...I would be very happy if contacting you today was a start, because I feel like I've finally found someone years of searching, who knows what he is talking about and can really help. This is priceless.

Today I was able to experience for the first time how a mentally healthy woman deals with a man in order to make him strong and what good she can do through her wonderful femininity!

God created us wonderfully!!!

Have a good time Romina, hug me tightly in your thoughts, thank you and goodbye. Tears of joy are rolling down my pillow, I'm so free because the fog has disappeared before my eyes and with it all despair.

God bless you!

With love, respect and deep gratitude.

Yours M.

Dear Romina,

The last massage did me a lot of good. I had a lot of power afterwards.

Your long, sliding massage movements brought me

I learned to rest and do the stretching postures

to know and love my miracle body even better

I felt really comfortable and grateful in him. I came in

my power.

Your diverse repertoire of massage variations came together

into a harmonious whole and was so good for me. I have

for this only the expression “heavenly”. And also at the end

In my eyes you showed yourself to be a great artist.

And you're attractive too.

Put even better in the words of the poet Eichendorff:

"And my soul tensed

Spread her wings,

Flew through the silent lands,

As if she was flying home."

(from Moonnight)

YOU are so good for my body and my soul.

I will come back to you for a massage.

Merry Christmas, Romina, Merry Christmas!

Kind regards, Eberhard

Dear Romina,

Your massage did me a lot of good yesterday and I really enjoyed being with you.

Bringing security and fascination to a common denominator is the art that you have mastered, a soul warmer.

For example, you will feel valuable every time you visit

gifted, to be invited again, to be welcomed, paired

with an excitement and curiosity that always starts anew

can and may.

Actually it starts at the beginning, you create a free one

and casual atmosphere, give your eyes

Trust and just this curiosity. Already in the so-called preliminary discussion,

This could easily last for hours if it is uninhibited

and provides familiarity, there is always something new

to laugh. I actually want this moment too

as very valuable and special.

I look forward to seeing you again.

Thank you for everything.

Best regards


Dear Romina,

Your ritual and your touches were again a wonderful and very intense experience.

You have prepared a space for me in which I can simply let myself go and enjoy your touch to the fullest. This flow still accompanies me and I can continue to benefit from your ritual.

Dear Romina, thank you very much for your closeness and for allowing me to feel so intensely.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you again and until then I wish you a wonderful time and stay healthy.

Kind regards


Dear Romina,

This time you led me through a ritual that was filled with very intense and different stimuli and touches. With the rope and through the immobility you led me into a deep sensation, into a state of sensual relaxation and excitement at the same time.

Thank you for this unique experience for me. I hope that we can expand this experience further and I am already looking forward to our next ritual and seeing you again soon.

Dear Romina, thank you for touching me so deeply and for treating me with so much love, warmth and closeness. It's great that you're there.

Very kind and warm greetings


Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    Tantramasseuin TMV®

  • Languages

    English, German
  • Qualifications

    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®

Background & Training

07/2018 – now

Mitglied Netzwerk Berührung e.V.

07/2017 – now

Mitglied Dt. Gesellschaft für alternative Medizin (DGAM)

07/2016 – now

Mitglied Tantramassageverband (TMV)

06/2016 – now

Fördermitglied An kana Te Academy - Verein zur Förderung des Bewusstseins, Wien

01/2019 – 07/2019

Jahrestraining Contact Improvisation & Tantra bei Benno Enderlein


Tao Massage nach Russel/Kolb, Institut Nhanga Ch. Grunow


Hormonmassage für Frauen Kinderwunsch/Wechseljahre


Gesundheitpraktikerin gemäß der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Alternative Medizin (DGAM) bei


Workshop „Fesselnde Magie“ Tantrische Fesselmassage bei Petra Schickedanz


Bewegungssequenzen in der Tantramassage bei Filomena Lorenz


Ayurveda Abhyanga Ganzkörpermassage bei Björn Borchers


Reflexion und Umgang mit sexuellen Störungen in der Tantramassage, AnandaWave


Einweihung in die Urlichtgroßmeisterschaft durch Alltafander Schedler, An kana te Academy


Tantra meets Bondage/BDSM bei Deva Busha und Matthias Grimme

02/2015 – 04/2016

Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®


Vierhandmassage/Ritual zu Dritt


Kompetenz trifft Leidenschaft, AnandaWave (5-Rhythmen-Massage, intuitive Massage)


Ausbildung zur Numerologin nach Dr. Endres und Michael Amira


Meditationstraining nach Michael Amira


Förderprogramm 1-4 von Michael Amira zur Förderung des Bewusstseins und der Persönlichkeit



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