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"Massage is one of the finest arts, it's not just a matter of technique, it's a matter of love." (Osho)


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I came to the Tantric massage years ago, originally "only" to feel my body again and to come in contact with me. I wanted to create a connection between mind and body, without demands and demands from the outside, without having to make anything.

My experiences with tantra massage rituals are hard to describe in words, they have touched and changed me deeply. I suddenly felt in the right place, in an atmosphere of appreciative, healing and sensual touch. There it was, the answer to a longing I had always felt in myself, but could not grasp, because until then I did not even know what I was looking for. The attentive tantric body work has awakened healing processes in me, opened my heart and soul and brought me into contact with my femininity.

I feel as a call of my heart to give massages, I want to meet people in depth, touch body and soul. For me, the Tantric massage is about just being present, accepting what is, being open to what may come up. As a masseur, I do not have to "accomplish" anything, reach a goal, or touch the person I'm allowed to touch. I respect the person in his life story, character and personality, so that he feels completely accepted. I do not judge. I meet the Other in a loving, empathetic attitude of full affection and allow a deep connection.

You are as accepted by me as a human being as you are. Reconcile with your insecurities and fears, forget clothing sizes or social norms. I see the beauty in you, adore your body and your soul. Every human, every body is unique and beautiful in itself, a miracle! Enjoy yourself, feel inside yourself and let yourself fall into my massage.

A selection of feedbacks:

I would like to thank you for your empathetic and extraordinary massage. Your positive charisma and sympathetic smile gave me a good and safe feeling right from the start. Also in conversation before, during and after the massage, you have always found the right words and picked me up in my thought world where I was.
As you've probably noticed, talking about intimate things / desires is hard for me. Your words on "say what you want" have really made me think. Here I still see great potential for myself
Thanks for this special experience.
best regards
C. 03.09.2018

In my mind, I am sitting opposite you again ... the open smile, the beautiful woman, with the great figure .. you have guided, steered, touched gifted. It was poignant, it was warm, your breath touched my face, like a snowflake I felt kissed .. my thoughts were flying, and suddenly remained still ... the desire was always more and I ran after her. It was so nice to feel your soft skin on my ... you guided, touched, gave me presents. Gladly to another "experience" Thank you ...
Love how warm greetings M. 27.08.2018

I thank you! For your empathy, your femininity, for space, for timelessness, for closeness ....
And thanks for the tips - wow - a whole treasure chest full - I'll see what's for me.
Dear greetings, H., 14.08.2018

Things are going great! Even after that, the massage let me relax deeply and showed that there is still a lot to discover.
Thank you for the nice hours and the range of information! I should be busy for a while
I felt completely comfortable with you.
Greetings, P. 02.05.2018

Good Morning,
I'm sitting in the office quite early, but I'm still very much (!) from your massage yesterday.
The massage itself and every physical contact with you was a wonderful experience for me and I would like to thank you again. My emotional world was confused several times and I often tried to catch myself fast. You've touched places and points that have sparked a lot in me and where I've never been touched before. It just broke out of me and I still feel your energy and your actions very sustainable.
After the massage, I would not have liked to take a shower to continue feeling the oil and the odors that remind me of your touch. But even after the shower yesterday and today, the fragrance is still in my nose today and triggers a very good warm feeling in me.
However, yesterday I was amazed at the physical after-effects. I never expected the massage to be so exhausting. I do not know if that's normal, but even though I was just passive, it really took care of my body, which is quite used to doing sports. I can not really explain that, but your touch has caused a lot in my body.
If it was also nice for you, I would like to repeat this experience with you again and then certainly do not seem so lost and can handle my reactions better.
Thanks again for everything and goodbye!

Thank you for the great massage of you. It was a really great and beautiful experience and a great experience.
I would be really happy if we could repeat that. If it was up to me I could do it every week or at least once a month.
I wish you a wonderful week, too.
best regards

Now that a few days have passed and I have let the massage work on me, it is important for me to tell you once again how good it felt - from your arrival to your departure. Totally relaxed, without stress. I felt so "free". That was a pretty unique experience.
Thanks a lot for this!

I want to briefly write to you yesterday:
If you give a lot, you will certainly get a lot back!
I have great respect for your mindfulness.
And respect for your versatile and day-filling work. By the way, that keeps you in good shape!
I wish you all the best,

Unfortunately, I have not managed to thank you again for the wonderful massage. I really liked holding and breathing. The massage so intense, so different. With a lot of heart. I already felt that very much. Thank you very much.
best regards

My dear! The massage turned my body back to normal. Thank you so much for you and sweet energy, god bless you. So thank you for the book recommendations, I will look into those. All the best, M.

It's been a while, but I have always, from time to time, remembered the beautiful hours.
At this point again a big compliment to you. It was one of my best experiences and for that I am very grateful.
I wish you a pleasant evening.
Very nice greeting C.

Merry Christmas and thanks again for the great ritual threesome. My wife is still blown .... Was really great. Best regards and have a nice weekend!

With a few days' absence I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience of my first Tantric massage.
From the beginning I have felt deep familiarity, closeness and self-evident, naturalness in this very intimate encounter. It was amazingly easy for me to concentrate on your sensitive touches and passively engage myself in this sensual experience in a pleasant and well-kept atmosphere.
Even days later I feel a deep physical and mental relaxation - but at the same time a pleasurable excitement. What a blessing for body, mind and soul!
I hope I can also make my partner curious about this sensual experience and thus enrich our relationship.
How nice that there are people like you!
best regards

I have to think of the massage of you again and again.
It was just heaven!
Thank you!

Thank you for this wonderful evening. We felt very comfortable with you. It was a blissful and fulfilling experience that will surely last for a long time. Thanks alot. I wish you a nice sunny day! C.

Thank you very much for your wonderful massage yesterday. It was fantastic and I felt incredibly comfortable with you I still feel a lot of positive energy in me and enjoy it very much wishes you a nice evening
Greetings J.

I wanted to contact you one more night and thank you. It was a very special experience that has an effect in me.
It got me excited and I took a lot with me, which I will probably think and feel for a long time. Thanks a lot! Greetings M.

Thanks again for the beautiful experience yesterday!
I was not mistaken that you are a suitable counterpart for me; where a deeper connection is possible
The massage had a depth that I did not know before. Even though it's hard for my head to relax, you've made it possible for my body to fully indulge.
06.01.2017, H.

Now it has been almost three days since you touched me and the soothing feeling still lives in me, which I could not describe directly after the massage.
It felt so good to feel your closeness. I am also impressed that you had no reservations, we saw each other for the first time. Your empathy made it very easy for me to accept and enjoy your closeness. I also felt very strongly that you could get involved with me, which again did me very well.
The experience is definitely something that needs to be repeated
Best regards - J.

I was intrigued by how quickly I could leave you to touch, even though it was my first tantric massage. I have never been so attentive and tender touched in my intimate realm, not even by my partner. Your loving attention was a special gift.
M., 25.5.2016

Your massage was like an internal cleansing for me. You've shown me that I'm fine the way I am. I feel completely in my midst.
J., 16.5.2016

Again I experience how a tantra massage unfolds days after that and has a deep and lasting effect. The beautiful massage that you gave me last Thursday, still moves me very strong and as soon as I am not challenged by my everyday life, I feel the so incredibly soothing touches of you. Your physical body was an indescribably beautiful experience for me. I would like to thank you once again very, very much !!! I wish to have another massage from you this year.
Greetings from H., 16.3.2016

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  • Languages

    English, German
  • Qualifications

    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®

    Certified Sexological Bodyworker

Background & Training

09/2016 – now

Mitglied des Ausbildungsteams AnandaWave

09/2010 – now

Ehrenamtliche hospizliche Sterbebegleitung

02/2018 – 04/2019

Certified Sexological Bodyworker

09/2017 – 07/2018

Thai Yoga Massage Teacher / Tobias Frank

07/2016 – 10/2017

Frauen-Massage, S. Dicken (Yoni als Spürorgan, Yoni-Entstauung, Yoni-Impuls-Therapie)


Thai Yoga Massage nach Tobias Frank


Bodenarbeit Intensiv - Diamond Lotus


Reflexion und Umgang mit sexuellen Störungen in der Tantramassage, AnandaWave


On Flogging, luhmen d'arc, Workshop


Von der Selbstliebe zum kompetenten Gegenüber, AnandaWave (Vierhandmassage)


Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®


Der Lust eine Richtung geben, AnandaWave (Tao-Massage, Meditationen, Energiearbeit)


Kompetenz trifft Leidenschaft, AnandaWave (5-Rhythmen-Massage, intuitive Massage)


Anale Versuchung, AnandaWave (Beckenboden-, Anal- und Prostatamassage)


Sexuelle Tiefenentspannung (SET), Nhanga Grunow


Profiseminar Yoni- und Lingam-Massage, AnandaWave


Yoni- und Lingam-Achtsamkeitsseminar, Susanne Dicken




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