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Tantra Massage Manchester Cheshire

Holly Aurora Tantra

Cheshire, United kingdom

Main offers: Pleasure Therapy, Tantra and Sexual Counselling


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Supporting you to develop greater intimacy with yourself and your loved ones. I combine Talking Therapy and Bodywork to help you explore what is holding you back from even more pleasure, on a somatic, cognitive and emotional level.


Sexual Counseling
Certified Tantric Massage
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I discovered tantra in 2017 when I began attending workshops facilitated by the Paths of Transformation teachers.

I was seeking intimacy and connection in my life, along with a greater sense of direction, a feeling of freedom and aliveness. Through continued dedication to this path, 5 years on, my life is now significantly different.

I believe in the power of tantra and the potential for growth and healing which comes via self-discovery.

I am also trained in person-centred counselling and have a deep belief in the actualising potential within all of us to change and grow, but I also believe that talk therapy is limited in its approach. For me, our body holds the key to our experiences, giving us direct access to our sub-conscious material, that often remain hidden in talk therapy. The potential for healing, change and actualisation is therefore amplified.

Tantra has held a mirror up to me and enabled me to see myself clearer than ever before.

I am a strong believer in the healing power of touch and pleasure and enjoy offering Tantra Massage which is designed to help you to access your pleasure, release any blocks and tension and expand your capacity so that you can feel even more.

"As we increase our aliveness, we become aware of the many forms we have unconsciously adopted which limit and constrain us. We learn to let our energy flow and expand, letting go of the limitations which keep us small and separated from life"

John Hawken - Realizations on the Paths of Transformation

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    I began working with clients in April 2022 and completed my certification process, being approved by John Hawken in Spring 2023.

  • Qualifications

    Tantric Massage Practitioner (John Hawken)

Background & Training

04/2021 – 03/2022

Transformational Tantra Massage Training via John Hawken's Paths of Transformation School

03/2021 – 03/2022

Tantric Massage Practitioner (John Hawken)

03/2018 – 01/2022

Person-Centred Counselling Training


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CW12 Cheshire, United kingdom
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