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Mandy Rose

Auckland, New Zealand

Main offers: Sex & Pleasure Coaching | Sexological Bodywork | Tantra Massage


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Empower you to be an extraordinary lover for more happiness satisfaction & pleasure.


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Mandy Rose is an Erotic Educator and Certified Somatic Sexologist, who helps you unlock your full pleasure potential and sexual mastery in and out of the bedroom. She believes that the soma (mind, body, spirit connection) is an innate source of wisdom and guidance. That by shifting your focus to the subtleties and nuance within your body, is the key to embodied sexual mastery.

Mandy is certified in Sexological Bodywork from the Institute of Somatic Sexology. She also draws on her vast knowledge and lived experience in Tantra and the ancient Temple Arts, modern-day Mystery Schools, various bodywork modalities including traditional therapeutic Thai massage, authentic movement, yoga and meditative practices to guide and support others on their journey.

What others are saying:

~I feel so blessed to have been able to work with her and now have the tools and knowledge to better myself~

I knew that in order to get the most benefit out of working with Mandy, I had to let go of my tendency to second-guess unfamiliar methods and instead immerse myself fully into the experience. The biggest thing I learned was how important the breath is, to keep me grounded and quieten outside noises so I can focus on my inner world in a calm state. Mind-full or mindful?!

I recognized the need to prioritize time for me, in order to tune into deeper parts of myself that I have closed off, and ignored for most of my life. I use the tools I learned with Mandy daily to help reset my thoughts and reevaluate what is happening around me.

Through our time together I realized my sexual issue was not the whole story, but that I needed to get in touch with my spirit, heart, and soul and that is what makes me whole.

I immediately felt calm, safe, and relaxed in the room with Mandy. I could let go and share in a way I normally felt too shy to do. And could look deep into myself to feel things I would not have felt without her guidance.

Mandy's sense of humor and communication style brought levity at just the right moments to help me move through the more awkward topics discussed. I felt my well-being was of utmost importance to her.

If you are searching for the missing piece in your life, whether it's with your sexuality or spirituality, I can assure you Mandy provides a safe, warm and supportive space. She is a positive, trustworthy and genuine person with a beautiful spirit and her guidance has helped me tap into things I never thought were possible.

I feel so blessed to have been able to work with her and now have the tools and knowledge to better myself.



~I discovered beauty in my own body, and what femininity and loving myself looks like to me~

Any hesitations I had entering this work disappeared when I met Mandy. Her kindness and skill in holding a safe space helped me feel comfortable as we dived in the the unknown.

I discovered beauty in my own body, and what femininity and loving myself looks like to me.

My ability to stay in the present moment has increased, as well as the confidence to put what is best for me and my family first.

If you want to learn how to find your embodied self-awareness and feel comfortable in your own skin, I absolutely recommend Mandy.



~I could tell she really wanted to help and took me seriously~

Working with Mandy has been an immensely enjoyable experience. Mandy is passionate about her work in Tantric Sacred Sexuality and I could tell she really wanted to help and took me seriously.

I now have a better-embodied awareness between my body and mind and have learned a lot about how I might further improve myself.

If you are ready to seriously begin working with your sexuality, Mandy is ready to meet you there.

I look forward to working with Mandy again in the near future.

— Andrew

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    Thai Massage practitioner & other eastern massage modalities since 2016

    Tantric Massage practitioner since 2018

    1:1 Sex & Pleasure coaching since 2020

    Facilitating groups since 2022

  • Languages

  • Qualifications

    Certified Sexological Bodyworker

Background & Training

05/2020 – now

Student Practitioner Orthobionomy

11/2017 – now

Contact Improvisation & Authentic Movement Personal Practice

06/2017 – now

Chi Nei Tsang | Karsai Nei Tsang

01/2017 – now

Personal Tantra practice

07/2022 – 01/2023

Certified Sexological Bodyworker


ISTA Sacred Sexual Practitioner Training

08/2016 – 10/2016

600 Hour Thai Massage & Teacher Training


RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


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Auckland, New Zealand
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