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"Lingam" (also Linga, Leng, Shiva Linga, Shiv Ling, Sanskrit ?????, Lingam) means "Mark", "Sign", "Sex", "Phallus". Hindus see in the Lingam not only the creative, but also the preserving and destroying power of the divinity Shiva.

"Good lovers are the natural rulers in this world because they are certain in their manliness, they are straight with themselves and are very much loved and respected by their partners..."

Michaela Riedl
Buch Lingam Massage Kl
Buchtipp: Lingam-Massage von Michaela Riedl

Looking for a Lingam-Massage instruction? 
Our recommendation: the book by ANANDA Co-Founder and tantric massage expert Michaela Riedl. 

The lingam has always been worshipped as the symbol of fertility. It makes the soil carry new fruit, increases the cattle and nourishes the tribes to make them strong. It is hard for a modern Western man to believe that male sexual power was so cherished once. 

„A truly cosmic errection“ – Celebration of manhood has a long tradition

In Japan, at the beginning of each new year, manliness is displayed in form of gigantic sculptures with truly cosmic erections. These sculptures are carried through the streets to celebrate the gods of fertility and renewal with wine, sake and song. Dionysus, the drunk Greek god of ecstasy also embodies phallic energy which helps people to dance, celebrate and loosen from rigid societal formalities for a while to dash into an unrestrained, orgiastic and ecstatic state of mind.
In Northern Europe the horned Pan god, half buck and half human, is presented as a smiling, laughing god who rules over nature and fauna and who wanders around with a massive erection symbolising continuous pleasure; a creature, which is always ready for sexual activity.
These mythological creatures represent dynamic energies that are a part of the man. They represent your phallic power and qualities such as manliness, power, potency, creativity, courage, decision-making, will of action, the ability to influence events, to cope with great powers and to rule over them.
The lingam massage lets you have this great adventure to rediscover this magical power that is to be found in your lingam, your male sexual organ. You will learn to worship and cultivate it.

Lingam-Massage allows greater pleasure and dignified perception

If you seize it entirely, this high art will bring power and magic to your love life and will give you an intensified perception of royal dignity. Good lovers are the natural rulers in this world because they are certain in their manliness, they are straight with themselves and are very much loved and respected by their partners. The lingam massage is a simple method for men to experience great lust and to refine their Ching (sexual energy, a powerful, vital energy which is continuously produced in the human body) to a subtler Chi (fine energy).
Sexual energy is roused in the lingam and heated. At the end of the massage this energy will rise along the spine and "implode" within the entire body. Often this also entails an orgiastic experience, which gives men an entirely new access to spiritual levels of lustfulness.
The bodyÍs energy centres are harmonised and strengthened, youÍll leave the massage feeling relaxed and stronger.
In a state of rest the Ching is linked to the sexual chacra, and the massage spreads it throughout the entire body. The recipient can support this process by slow and strong breathing in the heart region. The combination of heart breathing and massage can achieve a whole-body orgasm (orgasm without ejaculation): extremely tense and deeply relaxed at the same time.

Massage-Ritual in a protected room

This massage heals the body armour of the penis and sensitises it. It also releases the tension of the pelvis muscles, which leads to more mobility during the act lovemaking. Prepare a holy and protected room for this massage and take at least 1,5 hours to make it a real fest, with candles and good, calm music. Also take your time after the massage to exchange what youÍve experienced.

Where does Lingam-Massage come from?

The Lingam-Massage was developed by Joe Kramer who lives in America and who has found the Body Electric School, which mainly teaches tantra to men and particularly to homosexuals.
The Lingam-Massage mainly originates from Chinese Taoism, while many elements and terms that I will mention here come from Indian tantra. Both directions, however, emphasise the relationship between sexuality and spirituality.

Taoismus und Tantra

Taoism is the oldest science of life. It is based on eight columns that always deal with the other aspect of life. The Tao of sexuality entails the study and practise of sexual behaviour. It is about the application of sexuality and sexual energy to improve your health, to harmonise and to provide a heightened intellect.
Tantra cultivates the senses to be able to use and to recognise the range of sexual power: from the depths of our beings to the effects of our sexual actions in relation to others and the entire cosmos that we are inseparably linked to. It's about recognising the divine principle of shiva in the man and the divine female principle of Shakti