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Danni Lovefox

Berlin, London

Main offers: The Tantric Path (Tantra Teaching Series), Sexual De-armouring Bodywork, Sexuality Coaching, Sexological Bodywork, Taoist Massage, Dark Eros


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At SNATCH, I offer a supportive space to explore yourself and your connection to the universe. A journey back to your senses, powered by transformational techniques for self-empowerment.


Sexual Counseling
Sexological Bodywork
Certified Tantric Massage
Sexual Coaching for Women
Sexual Coaching for Men
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The Lovefox adventure began in Varanasi, India - where I came across a selection of books on tantra.

At first, I didn't dare buy them. They seemed too far outside of what was possible for a 'normal' person like me... but by the next day, I couldn't resist my curiosity. I ventured back to the shop and bought one that had caught my eye. As I started reading, I became increasingly awed and engrossed by the subject.

I returned again the next day and bought all the books I could find! I still remember this phrase that grabbed my attention...

'In Tantra, you don't 'have' orgasms. Your existence is like a stream of orgasmic energy. Life is a constant orgasm.'

That day I was armed with a new purpose - to realize for myself the states of bliss described in this book.

The wish to start exploring this new world led me to trainings and employment within the realm of TANTRA MASSAGE at Berlin’s Kashima studio.

It was an honour to connect with the 'other' in this way. There is such beauty in those moments of flow, an intensity so pure and refined lies somewhere behind these ecstatic energies that can be teased into being.

I celebrated the joy of artistic creativity, the warmth of sensual meditation - the sharing of tenderness, intimacy and open-hearted love; all of these wonderful discoveries lead to the wish to share such delicacies to others wanting to step on such a path.

Joining Barbara Carellas for her URBAN TANTRA graduate programme followed, as well as extensive study for Joseph Kramer’s SEXOLOGICAL BODYWORK somatic educator role. Explorations in the realm of CONSCIOUS KINK brought new tools to probe the concept of self further in terms of the shadow, surrender, power and permission.

John Hawken's THE ART OF TANTRA MASSAGE year long training has brought focus to a deeper teaching component within sessions. Working through the elements, it is possible to experience various qualities of the tantric paradigm, with the potential for initiation. The sessions can expand our consciousness as to who we are.

At SNATCH, I offer a supportive space to explore yourself and your connection to the universe. Powered by ongoing trainings in body- and breathwork, I work lovingly and compassionately to teach greater awareness within the body, exploring this gateway that lies deep within the present moment, through which you may fly beyond the everyday into a true reality beyond.

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    Tantra Teacher & Sexuality Coach

    Sexual De-Armouring Bodywork

    Sexological Bodyworker

    Taoist Massage

  • Languages

    English, German
  • Qualifications

    Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CSB)

    Tantric Massage Practitioner (John Hawken)

Background & Training

06/2017 – 06/2018

Sacred Body, Passionate Spirit - 1yr Tantra Training with John Hawken & Judith Antell


Healing Developmental Trauma - Prema McKeever, Giten Tonkev


Myofascial Energetic Release - LOSE CONTROL - Neck, Cranium, Face (Satyarthi Peloquin)


Tantric Massage Practitioner (John Hawken)


Myofascial Energetic Release - RELEASE & BALANCE THE PELVIS (Satyarthi Peloquin)


Tao Massage (Kristina Brustik & Frieder Eckert, Berlin)


Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CSB)


Sacred Rope Bondage


Urban Tantra for Professionals (Barbara Carellas - London)


Tantra Massage Advanced (Ulrike Liehm - Kashima, Berlin)


Tantra Massage Basic (Ulrike Liehm - Kashima, Berlin)





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