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Dani Lovefox

Berlin, London

Main offers: Shadow Somatics, Boundaries and Consent, Holistic Sex Coaching, De-Armouring Bodywork, Couples Tantra Workshops


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At SNATCH, I offer a supportive space to explore yourself and your connection to the universe. A journey back to your senses, powered by transformational techniques for self-empowerment.


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Sexological Bodywork
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Sexual Coaching for Men
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SNATCH represents a homage to the cosmic womb, a container within which to be gently held as you expand and grow beyond what you thought possible

It is a space created to give form to your energy for change, a warm and nurturing fertile crucible to fuel personal exploration, supporting your desired transformation within yourself, your sexuality, your life

As a trauma-informed coach, currently undertaking Peter Levine's somatic experiencing training, I work respectfully and compassionately to guide greater awareness within the body at your pace

I teach a somatic approach that embraces the inherent naturalness and beauty of our sexuality, while also recognizing that the freedom to enjoy a life-affirming and nourishing embodied erotic practice is a privilege that many of us don't yet have full access to

I am pleased to offer a series of holistic sex coaching sessions to assist you to live, love and create the fulfilling sensual intimacy that you wish for - with yourself and/or in partnership(s)

I am also part of John Hawken's PATHS OF TRANSFORMATION teaching faculty and you can experience tantric initiation through the session packages listed here or join our 1yr training in Barcelona to learn professional tantra massage in Barcelona during 2024

Find out more about the training here





SHADOW SOMATICS (boundaries and consent focused)



I also offer to travel to LONDON or elsewhere for PERSONALIZED WORKSHOP bookings


Blending sex therapy, somatic practices alongside the possibility of:

- self-touch for individual online coaching

- partner touch for couples online coaching

- self-touch and/or supportive bodywork for individual in-person coaching

- partner touch and/or supportive bodywork for in-person couples coaching

I specialize in these areas:

  • teaching tantra through the initiation series of bodywork sessions
  • supporting couples on their journey towards an incredible intimate life together over the long term
  • mindful self-pleasure coaching / creating an orgasmic yoga practice
  • pelvic release work (guided self-touch, partner touch or in-person bodywork) for conditions related to erection/ejaculation issues / PMS / pelvic pain / lack of sensation in the pelvis
  • 'mapping' the vagina or anus internally (guided self-touch, partner touch or in-person bodywork) to explore any energetic imprints held and re-discover these parts of your body in a safe, slow and supportive setting
  • releasing tension/pain in the vagina/anal area
  • issues around orgasm (too soon, not soon enough, not at all, not with a partner)
  • lack of desire
  • erection issues

We may explore within our sessions:

Before beginning each session, we will look for a clear intent on your part as to what you would like to discover / explore / learn - from which we can work together to co-create the right session structure to support your wishes

  • structured discussion
  • stretching / somatics
  • simple breathwork
  • meditation (including orgasmic/genital meditation)
  • tantric and taoist energetic techniques
  • Guided self-massage and/or in-person bodywork

I also enjoy to work with couples - online or in person - teaching tantric and taoist techniques to discover new ways to experience each other, deepening intimacy and connection, navigating shadows in relating and guiding healthy conflict and expression as well as supporting to explore conscious kink practices together

See more under : Tantra for Couples

Sexual energy is a powerful form of vital life force

The themes we encounter within our sexuality will often reflect core life themes for positive changes in the realms of self-acceptance and self-love

Start your journey today

I warmly welcome all genders and orientations that feel called to work with me

With love,


Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    Tantra Teacher & Sexuality Coach

    De-Armouring Bodywork

    Boundaries, consent and sexual shadow work

    Private Couples Workshops

  • Languages

    English, German
  • Qualifications

    Certified Sexological Bodyworker

    Tantric Massage Practitioner (John Hawken)

Background & Training

03/2023 – 10/2024

Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy Training

09/2018 – 09/2022

4yr Tantra Teacher Training with John Hawken / Paths of Transformation

06/2017 – 06/2018

Sacred Body, Passionate Spirit - 1yr Tantra Training with John Hawken & Judith Antell


Healing Developmental Trauma - Prema McKeever, Giten Tonkev


Myofascial Energetic Release - LOSE CONTROL - Neck, Cranium, Face (Satyarthi Peloquin)


Tantric Massage Practitioner (John Hawken)


Myofascial Energetic Release - RELEASE & BALANCE THE PELVIS (Satyarthi Peloquin)


Tao Massage (Kristina Brustik & Frieder Eckert, Berlin)


Certified Sexological Bodyworker


Sacred Rope Bondage


Urban Tantra for Professionals (Barbara Carellas - London)


Tantra Massage Advanced (Ulrike Liehm - Kashima, Berlin)


Tantra Massage Basic (Ulrike Liehm - Kashima, Berlin)


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