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The Tantra Effect

A report on the first tantra massage and a text on a tantra massage with the same masseur approximately two years later.

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Part 1: seven days with the tantra massage

I was asked to wait seven days and see what happens.

Well, I listened to my inner voice and wrote a couple of sensations down.

At the beginning you asked me what I would expect from the massage. At that time I did not understand it myself, but soon after the massage I understood that a boyhood dream had come true. In those days when I discovered my sexuality I read a book with erotic narratives from “One Thousand and One Nights”. The pictures and dreams appeared to be very abstract and distant to me, however, very beautiful. To be touched sensitively and in a fulfilling way by more than one woman – boys cannot have a dream more beautiful than that. Now you have made this dream come true.

In the first night after the massage I started to discover new points of my body. I was able to touch them in many different ways and to treat my body. 

24 hours after the massage I started to feel the healing power of tantra. Physical complaints started to disappear and this process continued. Can a woman do more for a man than to HEAL him? I pay tribute to that.

Andrea, your prostate massage was a relief to me! I guess that she removed an old block and that one vortex corrected its position. I very much appreciate your meditative and sensitive way. 

In the second or third night I had a nightmare in a way I use to have it a couple of times a year. Someone follows me and I am so paralysed that I am not able to defend myself or to flee. Then I have to wake up in order to escape from the danger. This time it was different. In the end I was able to defend myself. Although I still don’t know how the story finally ended, I was no longer paralysed. The new liberty? Self-determination? 

In the afternoon of the second day I fell into deep sleep and it took something of an effort to come back. Was my bliss to end at that point? It was not. 

Fabienne, your quite deep and affectionate voice and your direct words, the scent of your skin, your honest and sensual touch – I can easily regain them and reminisce. Your lingam massage: love of life, your laughter at the end – touching at any point. 

Andrea and Fabienne, you complement each other in a graceful way! I experienced Andrea as more Yin and Fabienne rather as Yang. Was it a coincidence that Andrea did the prostate massage and Fabienne the Lingam massage?

I’m sitting there listening Mozart. My consciousness seems to be at a somewhat higher level and the memories are wonderful.

My sexual energy is now stronger and purer.

I see new colours and combine garments from my wardrobe in a new way. I can’t get the special green of Fabienne’s blouse out of my head. 

If I do physical exercise my legs are now better grounded. 

I chair a meeting with employees. My style has slightly changed. I’m very relaxed and listen well. I find it easier to strike the right chord when it comes to sensitive issues. People seem to be happy. Cool. 

Some negative aspects? Well, the bath water was a little bit too hot for my taste, which is not really that bad. Oh, and not to forget: there is definitely a risk of addiction!

What remains until now is a substantially better physical condition, a clear head, new perspectives and new sensitivity, inspiration and courage. And, after all, the recurring colour of transparent gold – happiness.   

Moreover, I have great respect for your profession and your expertise!

It was my first time with Ananda. After that I understood that I didn’t completely manage to embrace the tenderness. If it was so beautiful despite of that, how will it be next time when my presence is stronger? There is still much more to experience!   

I’d like to thank you with all my heart.


Fabienne Tantra Massage

Part 2: Home is where the soul opens.

The long search for a good tantra massage

Today will be a special day. This morning I booked a massage with Fabienne
During my morning preparations I have a feeling as you have it on a day before going to a party. We encounter for the second time. The first time was approximately two years ago at my “first time” with a good tantra massage. I still remember how intensely I searched the internet in order to find something that promised tantra at a high level, and today I know that the effort was worth the while.  

Now I’m at the door for the sixth time and the stairs leading up the massage rooms still remind me of Harry Potter. It leads to the train station of another world, from where I can take the train to a wonderful inward journey. And then those neat and appealing rooms with their very own energy. Home is where the soul opens. 

I realize that I’m really happy when she gives me a big hug. A completely undisguised, somehow very mature woman with a good heart, who has a very charming character that words cannot describe adequately; this was my spontaneous impression then and it is the same today. I sense a peculiar familiarity. I love talking to her. 

A tantra massage by your big sister?

While taking a shower, the following thought suddenly flashed through my mind: Nice, somehow like with a big sister whom you never had! However, another inner voice pops up: “And now you want to have a tantra massage by your big sister, or what?” I have an especially funny inner voice that is sometimes a little bit hard to handle.       

As her hands touch my body I understand why some people are perceived to be especially honest. She is honest and she lives this principle. By now I have understood that a certain part of the present of tantra is based on being able to accept the present. It’s so easy when you sense the touch of an honest person on your skin! Her way of massaging is plain and affectionate. What very much surprised me was that my body was able to remember this to a certain degree after as much as two years’ time. Everything happening there is simply ok. Isn’t that the philosophy, after all?

The beginning of the massage has the same charm difficult to describe as it is the case with its whole style. There are no problems whatsoever and suddenly I realize how much I enjoyed her touch on my back, from where she tenderly holds me. A moment one wishes to freeze. Further on, many images of a forest surprisingly arise in my consciousness. This forest is a safe place in which you are grounded and breathe easily. 

And then there is something more that she really is good at, in an honest and good way. In the end, I’m no longer in the forest, but rather in Heaven. At the beginning she asked whether today there was something special. I told her that today I could do with something hearty. Well, finally it was very hearty...

Hearty laugh and the effect of good tantra

And there it is again, this hearty joint laugh after the massage. We died of laughter over something that happened during the massage. On that day, I would laugh heartily many more times. 

We also talk about which long-term impacts good tantra has. Among other things I have found my inner peace and it freed me. Somehow it made me more relaxed in terms of my feelings and more independent from my environment.

It was my first time to enjoy a massage in the morning and I learn what it means to float euphorically and sensitized through the remaining day. It is like having had really good sex, but somehow also quite different.

During lunch I’m bubbling over with laughter reading the section of bizarre events in a magazine. Then my glance falls on a headline on one of those many completely senseless wars. I think to myself that I should give present vouchers for Ananda to all powerful people in the world. It’s so good that there are those people who make the world a more loving place by way of their profession. 
In town I just encounter attractive women and my inner voice wants me to clarify whether I easily come on to them or unintentionally let them know how beautiful they are. At first, I wait for my funny inner voice to give me an answer, since I don’t know myself what is going on. Flirting without any intentions is the new smartness, is my conclusion while having an espresso. 

The whole day under the tantra spell

In a shopping street I see a crippled runtish man bagging with a picture of Jesus on his lap. As I give him some money he looks at me with his one healthy eye in a calm and friendly manner. We smile at one another for a short moment and he gives thanks to me in a deep and sonorous voice, for which many professional speakers will probably envy him. I leave and actually I feel like sitting down beside him and chatting with him and see the world from his point of view for a moment. It is a very moving moment in the warm afternoon sun, the rough beauty of which I would probably not have been able to embrace without the spell of tantra.

For sure, good tantra massages have something to do with pleasure and sexual therapy. However, they are also related to an opening heart and soul. 

The film of life has rich and quiet colours and the script becomes more colourful.

It was a very special day. 
Thank you, Fabienne!