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Tantra Massage Frankfurt Pravahi

Pravahi Starck

Wölfersheim-Berstadt, Frankfurt

Main offers: Tantra & tantra massage, tantra training, tantra workshops, couple seminars, tantra for young people, tantra vacation, couple coaching

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I work with great people because I accompany them with their whole variety of ways of life and paths - people who want to be touched and moved, who want to experience clarity and support, as well as a quality of peace and happiness.


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Dear Pravahi,

for a very long time I have felt inspired by your zest for life and zest for life. In this seminar I was also able to discover your feminine power and a very clear presence.

The whole time I felt secure in your presence, which was always felt throughout the room. You were just there when you were needed and guided every step so well that every massage could flow beautifully. In addition, I felt the whole setting was very much supported by "value-free appreciation" and simplicity. I also felt very comfortable with everyone in the whole group.

The lively encounters and the touches still resonate in me today. Thank you for always reminding us to breathe, let go and enjoy.


Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    Tantramassage seit 1997

    Eigene Tantra-Massage-Seminare ab 2003

    seit 2014 Tantra-Meister-Ausbildung

    Lebt in Gemeinschaft seit 1999

  • Languages

    English, German
  • Qualifications

    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV® (AZ)

Background & Training

06/1993 – now

Meditationslehrerin und Ausbildung in geistigen Heilweisen

06/1992 – now

Chakra-Energie- und Chakra-Tantramassage seit 1992

06/1986 – now


05/2017 – 06/2017

Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV® (AZ)


Ausbildung in Dekonditionierung und Psychotherapie

09/1996 – 06/2000

4-Jahres-Tantra-Zyklus bei Samuel Widmer ab 1996

01/1997 – 12/1997

Gemeinschafts-Jahresgruppe bei Thomas Hübl 1997




06036 - 904 023




Pravahi Tantra
Bismarckstraße 9
61200 Wölfersheim-Berstadt
06036 – 904 023
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Pravahi Tantra
Bismarckstraße 9
61200 Frankfurt
06036 – 904 023
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