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Tantra-Massage Duisburg

Thomas Aeffner

Schwalmtal, Duisburg

Main offers: Tantra massage for women and men, sexual accompaniment, soft dearmouring, touch coaching, relaxation aid through hypnosis

0151 12722218


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I am also happy to massage and accompany "seniors" and people with disabilities.


Certified Tantric Massage
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Just like a musician brings a song to life, an actor brings a piece to life, for me tantra massage is an applied form of art. In my "previous life" I was a painter. When that was no longer possible for me, I devoted myself to tantra massage with the same passion. Before I moved people deeply through my pictures, now this happens very directly: by touching the body I not only arouse joy and pleasure, but also touch the soul when the person is open to it.

Tantra and tantra massage have occupied me for many years - initially only theoretically. My spiritual search led me to other practices: autogenic training, tarot, yoga and reiki. It was only when drastic changes occurred in my life that I made the decision to really embark on this path. And I have not regretted lovingly accepting life as it offers itself, recognizing the connection with everything that is, to feel lovingly connected to the people I meet. For me, the tantra massage is the expression of lived love that has become real.

In the massage I am in a meditative state: surrendered and yet completely awake, completely with my counterpart and yet completely with myself.

You are welcome with me, as a man or woman, person with a handicap ... just the way you are. During the massage I see the personality of the person in his body. I accept you as you are, I touch your soul through my skin - in love.

To put you as a woman in the hands of a mindful man - who is only there for you when you are touched, who does not want anything from you, to whom you can therefore give yourself confidently, who is at your service - can bring you a previously unknown sense of wellbeing . Even the consequences of bad experiences, even abuse, can be alleviated and resolved, as your self-healing powers are activated and you can become whole again.

With me you can also learn more about your ability to ejaculate women.

Man-to-man massage is a unique experience: powerful, energetic. Even if your orientation is heterosexual, this experience of meeting male energies can be an unexpected enrichment.

If you live in circumstances that deny you the loving touch, I look forward to showing you again how good it feels to experience tenderness.

It is your birthright to be happy - I am happy to accompany you on your way there.

Touch makes you happy!

As a masseur, I have trained myself particularly in the healing of the yoni.

Special forms of yoni massage are particularly suitable for releasing blockages in the genital area and stimulating the self-healing powers of the yoni and the entire pelvic area. Through my previous training courses I support men and women in becoming aware of their physical blockages, especially in the pelvic area, and in bringing them into flow and allowing them to dissolve through special contact sequences. This form of body work (Dearmouring) brings with it an increased sensitivity and an increased sense of pleasure and often leads to the fact that one experiences oneself as more vital, more joyful and more in balance.

In addition, I offer Reiki sessions and hypnosis to support your relaxation.

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"Dear Thomas,

It has been a few weeks since you massaged me, but the memory of it still resonates in every cell. It was your masculine presence that could make my femininity blossom. I thought I knew tantra massage. Not even close. What I was allowed to experience was the real touch from heart to heart, into which I could let myself fall full of trust, carried by you, without having to maintain any control. What I was able to experience went very deep. You have succeeded in doing what every woman longs for, to be recognized in her innermost being and to really feel like "the goddess" at this moment. My pelvis eventually felt as wide as the universe. At the same time I was completely there and yet in other spheres. A lot is written and talked about Tantra and a lot of it is empty words that are not felt and have no meaning. It's different with you. You can feel that Tantra not only has its place for you within the massage, but also permeates your life and leads you into ever deeper insights. THAT touches. The more a man is MAN, in the best possible way, the more a woman is allowed to be a WOMAN. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful experience and I look forward to the next time, which will definitely be there. "

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"I can only recommend everyone to book a tantric massage with him. His hands have that certain something that enchants you. Brings the body into high tension.

What I found wonderful that he came to my apartment. Because I am handicapped. Important to know for older people who, like me, also have a handicap.

I would also like to mention that more people, women and men, should have the courage to experience the massage.

I can only say about that. Once you have experienced it, you will never forget to be touched so lovingly.

Thank you for this wonderful time close by. "

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"For your special mindfulness and very, very empathetic accompaniment with my special situation, after my breast cancer, which has disfigured me physically for 1 year.

You touched me deeply like no one else was able to before and it was only through your presence that I felt that my loss of my left breast really made me feel accepted by you as a woman with all my heart and carried very, very lovingly. A moment that through your patience brought about a very deep release of my pain in me.

After this special kind of appreciation, I could now really feel free to enjoy your massage to the fullest, completely detached!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful, very valuable experience with you!

I was allowed to be completely myself, to feel whole deep inside, in order to fly again.

To this day I have the feeling of the deep embrace and your loving touch.

I will be happy to feel this liberation again and again and get more and more flowing with all my heart!

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU THOMAS

Have you in my heart

All the best"

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"Since I have enjoyed various massages, including more erotic ones, from men, but never a tantra massage, I was very curious about what to expect.

You explained it to me in detail and gave me the courage to let me fall into your hands. Your massages let my tension and also my headache evaporate before you switched to the lingam massage.

I was so relaxed and enjoyed this special massage, but I felt early on that this deep relaxation would not bring me to a normal orgasm.

I was then all the more amazed and carried away by what I was allowed to experience - I call it a dry "head orgasm" that lasted a long time, even after you had already stopped touching. My feelings ran away with me and the tears ran. You gave me the courage to let it flow and you held and caught me very emotionally. I especially thank you for that. That showed your professionalism. "

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    seit 2014 Tantramasseur TMV

    seit 2015 Tantramasseur und Ausbilder bei "Anlea"

  • Languages

    English, German, Dutch
  • Qualifications

    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®

Background & Training

10/2014 – now

Tantramasseur TMV


Hypnotische Orgasmuskontrolle bei Undine de Rivière, BDSM-Hypnose-Seminar


meditativ Flogging bei Mag Ela,


erotische Hypnose II, bei Undine de Rivière, BDSM-Hypnose-Seminar


Erotische Hypnose I, bei Undine de Rivière, BDSM-Hypnose-Seminar


Shibari, Massage und Atem bei Robert Kriz und Marion May


ISBB: Arbeit gegen sexualisierte Übergriffe bei Lothar Sandfort


energetic full body orgasm bei Andrew Barnes


Flug des Phönix - dynamische Massage bei Nhanga Grunow, Didi Liebold, Petra Hällfritzsch


Yoniheilmassage bei Elvira Malinovskaa, Jembatan


Fesselmassage bei Kaya Köhn und Julia Dietz


Vertiefung und Initiation bei Tegtmeier und Göbel, TantraConnection


Tantric Domination bei Apollo Adama, The New Tantra

07/2017 – 02/2018

Sexualbegleitung für Menschen mit Handicap bei ISBB-Trebel


Becken-, Anal- und Prostatamassage bei Tegtmeier und Göbel, TantraConnection


Kaschmirische Massage bei Dick Nijssen, Helios


Umgang mit Sexualität von Menschen mit geistigen Behinderungen bei F Bottinga, proFamilia


Tantra meets Handicap bei Deva Bhusha


Shibari-Workshop bei Asmondeno


Sexual Deconditioning / Advanced Sex bei Frank Bottema, TheNewTantra


Childhood deconditioning bei Puja Lepp, TheNewTantra


Tantra & Shibari bei tantra-atma/naturalbliss


De-Armouring Training 2 bei Susanne Roursgaard


"Living in Flow" Transmission Training bei Alex Vartman, TheNewTantra


De-Armouring Training bei De'an Matuka (LoveCore)


G-Punkt, A-Punkt, weibliche Ejakulation bei Nhanga Grunow


Sexual Deconditioning / Advanced Sex bei Bea Dominic, TheNewTantra


Rotes Tantra / Tantrazirkel bei Manuel Hirning, Yoga-Vidya


Hypnose bei Alfred Himmelweiß


Tantramassage bei Anlea


SET Sexuelle Tiefenentspannung bei Nhanga Grunow


Ganzheitliche Fußmassage bei Elfriede Vogt, Paracelsus Heilpraktikerschule


Becken-, Anal- und Prostatamassage bei Tegtmeier und Göbel, TantraConnection


Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®


Yoni- & Lingammassage bei Tegtmeier und Göbel, TantraConnection


Rotes Tantra bei Manuel Hirning, Sukha Tantra Yoga


Reiki Meister


Lomi Lomi Nui Massage bei Jörg Weppner, Paracelsus Heilpraktikerschule


freiberuflicher Künstler und Dozent

10/1974 – 01/1979

Studium Germanistik und Kunst (Nebenfächer: Pädagogik und Psychologie) in Essen


0151 12722218




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