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Andrea Hintze


Main offers: Sexological Bodywork, Coaching & Bodywork. Expert in sexual self-exploration & body acceptance



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I accompany you on your way to touching, feeling and experiencing yourself. Getting to know yourself, waking up your cells for more intense sensations and orgasms and living your authentic (sexual) self-expression.


Sexological Bodywork
Sexual Coaching for Women
Sexual Coaching for Men
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I believe that it is possible for you too to live a fulfilled, enjoyable and, above all, authentic sexuality.

That it is also possible for you to feel pleasure and enjoy sex (again).

Just the way you want it, and better than you can ever imagine.

You too can experience more intense sensations and deeper, longer or even orgasms.

All that and so much more.

Everything is possible, even for you!

I can confirm this to you from my own experience, because my sexuality was anything but beautiful

My sexuality was characterized by enduring, allowing and enduring. You just do that. I had neither desire nor joy in it. I barely felt anything and until I was 26 I believed I couldn't have orgasms.

But what is

- when you finally know what you want and need?

- when you get a feeling for yourself

- when you find your own pleasure path and your authentic sexuality?

- When you wake up your cells and finally feel more? Experience more intense sensations and orgasms

- when you realize and experience that you too are capable of orgasm

- when you create sex the way you want it

- when you can finally enjoy yourself and sex

- if you want to because you enjoy it and you enjoy it and can enjoy it again?

Wouldn't that be phenomenal?

Let's go!

I am Andrea, sexual empowerment coach and certified sexological Bodyworkerin .

I accompany you on your way to touching yourself, feeling, feeling and experiencing yourself. Getting to know yourself, finding out what you like and need, waking up your cells for more intense sensations and orgasms and living your authentic (sexual) self-expression.


Bodies have always fascinated me. From the beginning I wanted to work with bodies and the body. And so over the last 10 years I have accompanied more than 200 women to feel comfortable in their bodies, to accept themselves and to learn to love themselves as they are. And to solve their issues in, through and through the body. So my original profession of nutritional counseling expanded to include the topics of body acceptance, body awareness, psychology, femininity and Bodywork and developed into a holistic concept that I still teach today.

In 2021 I finally discovered sexological Bodywork, which combined and at the same time expanded everything I had previously taught and lived.

The special thing about Sexological Bodywork for me is that it unites head and body. This makes truly holistic transformation possible on all levels. You probably know it yourself. Just because you know something in your head doesn't mean that you actually do it, try it out, believe it or change it.

Sexological Bodywork is a combination of Coaching and body work and opens up the opportunity to directly implement, experience and experience what has been learned and recognized.

To have new experiences straight away. That's what really changes.

Sexological Bodywork creates a wonderful space to get in touch with you, to sense, feel and experience yourself. To try out, explore and experience yourself. To meet yourself and come home to yourself.

A space in which you can show yourself and experience who you are. Where you are seen, heard and accepted. Where you feel safe, comfortable and secure.

And this is my invitation to you to immerse yourself in this wonderful space and experience yourself.

My vision:

My vision is to accompany you and get in touch with you, feel, feel and experience you.

To encourage and accompany you to meet yourself, touch yourself and explore your own sexuality.

To be the person we always wanted or never had. The person who sits down with you and explores with you. That shows you and explains what you have and how you work. That encourages and accompanies you to explore yourself. Who is at your side, holds you, carries you and hears you. Who is at your side for all your questions, thoughts and fears and who accompanies you with loving inspiration and possibilities on your path of (sexual) self-discovery.

Your space in which you can be yourself safely and freely.

Your safe space to experience, explore and experience yourself.

Get in touch now and let us create your individual path.

I look forward to you!

From the heart


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    Certified Sexological Bodyworker

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07/2017 – now

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Certified Sexological Bodyworker



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