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Main offers: Tantra massage TMV, yoni massage, lingam massage, Youngtra seminar (tantra for people between 18-30 years)


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For me, tantric massage is a tender, cheeky expedition through the jungle of my own (body) sensations. One goes in search of the blossoms and buds of one's own lust and firmly entrenched social conventions.


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Johanna has been part of the Ananda Cologne team since October 2019 - more information, free appointments and the possibility of online booking on the

I discovered the tantra saga for myself when I was 25 years old. I'm glad that I found the curiosity and the courage to do it so early on. Since then I have been living my sexuality much more consciously, freely and fulfillingly. Strictly speaking, this not only affects my sexuality, but also extends to other areas of my life. Since I learned to talk about limits and needs in a vulnerable area like sexuality, I find it easier to deal with other situations as well.

The nice thing about the tantra massage is that we all get naked. This is not only to be understood as getting rid of clothes, but above all as a metaphor for a person-to-person encounter. No matter what masks, protective covers, security and insecurities someone comes to me for the massage, in the end everyone stands before me as a person. And I will face this humanity with appreciation, esteem and respect. Provided that I, who expose myself to the same nudity, will be treated with the same appreciation, esteem and respect.

That is why I would like to motivate young people in particular to deal with their sexual potential at an early stage. And that goes beyond exciting sex experiments, but above all as a source of your own self-confidence.

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  • Experience

    Seit Oktober 2019 arbeite ich bei Ananda Köln

    Seit 2020 arbeite ich als Co-Leitung für das YoungTra Seminar bei AnandaWave

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    English, German
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    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®

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01/2018 – 09/2019

Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®




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