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Main offers: Healing from sexual assault and trauma, Sexological Bodywork, Clean Language Coaching


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I work with women recovering from sexual assault and trauma. Using trauma-informed coaching, embodiment and tantric practices, I provide a safe, loving space for you to amplify your inner resources, heal and reclaim your body and your self.


Sexological Bodywork
Sexual Coaching for Women
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I’ve been on a 20-year journey of self-development, constantly learning to be a better man. On that path, I’ve qualified in coaching and “talking” therapies, I journey into my spiritual self through Tantra and Yoga, and I teach others the tools that helped me.

Along the way, many powerful women have helped me – women who saw the best in me, women who challenged me to become a better man, women who shared their knowledge and gifts with me and women who trusted me with deep vulnerabilities. Thanks to them, I’m becoming the man I want to be.

On that journey, I met one incredible woman who was recovering from sexual assault. She allowed me to hold space for her and, in that space, I learnt both the terrible ongoing effects of assault and the incredible courage and determination of the women who overcome it. She inspired me to learn more, so I qualified in Sexological Bodywork, so I could work with consent, somatics and sexuality in a trauma-informed way. She showed me that this is the most meaningful work I could be doing. And, as she put it, “sometimes the damage done by men needs to be undone with a man”


“I had severe trust issues with men due to previous trauma but the sessions I received from Paul were so loving and nurturing. He made me feel cherished, seen, attractive but, most importantly of all, safe.

This was the most touching element of the healing process for me: to be able to have the trust to simply surrender to another person’s touch and know that the only intention they have is to help you heal, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Paul is incredibly sensitive, patient and loving and I believe he has the ability to help bring change to many people’s lives for the better.

Following the sessions I felt exhausted, but in the days following so much lighter and now a number of months on I feel I have made huge progress and feel ready to embark on a new relationship after keeping myself closed down for so many years. I can never thank him enough for all his time and kindness.”
— Elizabeth

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  • Experience

    Work with clients since 2014 (as a Clean Language Coach)

    Certified in Clean Language Coaching 2014

    Certified as a Clean Language Assessor 2016

    Certified as a Clean Language Trainer 2017

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  • Qualifications

    Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CSB)

Background & Training

02/2020 – 05/2021

Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CSB)


Clean Language Coach




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