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Evelyn Magdalena Atelier Mensch Zürich Südtirol

Evelyn Magdalena

Zürich, Bodensee - Südtirol

Main offers: Tantric bodywork - Massages - Emotional empowerment - Yoni healing massages - Touch coaching - Seminars

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Atelier Mensch - For me, touch in all its diversity is love in motion - the most honest way of being with one another


Certified Tantric Massage
Sexual Coaching for Women
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I, Evelyn Magdalena, am happy to give you an insight into my work so that you can get a feeling of who will be accompanying you.

The curiosity about being human, my own lack of feeling, the loneliness, the longing for real deep encounters and the desperation as a mother, as well as the need to understand how body, soul and spirit interact, led me on my personal development path more than 20 years ago.

An intensive phase of self-discovery in different areas began, in which I dealt with my history, my feelings, my body, my sexuality and my womanhood. I completed many different training courses and seminars and, with all the experience I gained, developed my own individual approach to the art of touch and caring for people.

In me you will find a loving companion who carefully respects your boundaries, sensitively creates a protected space of closeness, security and professionalism for you, and who treats you as a person with your longings and wishes with full consideration and respect.

It fills my heart with great joy to be able to accompany you in your personal search for a deeper connection to your own body, your sexuality, your relationships, your heart and your feelings, while supporting you in developing your full potential and your own strengths.

My clear and powerful femininity is reflected to me again and again, and I would like to share it with you. In full acceptance of what and who you are, I create a space of experience for you in which you can always feel held and guided by me.

In doing so, I draw on my life experience and my qualifications in the areas of emotional empowerment, tantric and shamanic bodywork, various massage training courses, trauma-sensitive bodywork, and soma Embodiment, which I have acquired over the last 20 years.

Feedback on Magdalena's massages

by Patrick.

For about two years, I have been going to Magdalena every month, whenever possible, to be touched/treated/massaged by her. I opted for the non-tantric version of her feel-good/pampering massage because I simply wanted to have less pain and be more relaxed. I have to add in advance that I am a physiotherapist & masseur myself and have had VERY many people treat/massage me, so I know what is good... And Magdalena's wellness massage is... THE BEST! From a professional point of view, absolute perfection. She feels exactly where and how much pressure or lightness is needed. She touches so delicately and perfectly that you really feel like a new person afterwards. She is the only one who manages to make me completely pain-free and relaxed. With her, it is as if you are being showered with a 200-litre barrel of love and you can just let yourself go and arrive within yourself. My monthly appointment with Magdalena is 100% a highlight and I am already recommending her to all my good friends and therefore to YOU too. Thank you dear Magdalena for being there

Feedback for Magdalena:


With Magdalena I am allowed to dive into the depths of the tantric art of touch. She gives me a lot of gentleness, presence and mindfulness. With Magdalena I feel safe, supported and secure. With a lot of warmth and sensuality she leads and accompanies me through the tantric massages. Magdalena designs and creates a safe and loving space full of warmth and love. She is with the person with a lot of heart and presence and responds to their individual needs. Sometimes gentle, sometimes fiery and sensual. For me, tantric massage means more than just a massage, it is holistic touch for body, mind and soul and arriving at yourself. It is equally healing and nourishing for me to absorb Magdalena's warm and beautiful energies and to dive deep into them and land safely back on earth. At the same time, alongside the wonderful massages, Magdalena accompanies me in my process work, which brings me deeper into my self and helps me dissolve the wounds I experienced in my childhood. Through benevolent new life experiences with the support of Magdalena, my strength is strengthened bit by bit in the process work and old wounds can be cleared and flowed through love and light. It is very liberating for me and I am coming more and more into myself. I can rediscover and develop my essence. Magdalena senses my needs and concerns and helps me to be able to live them and to act freely for myself as a person and to accept and appreciate myself as I am. I am very grateful to Magdalena for her wonderful heart work and can recommend her to everyone from the bottom of my heart🙏

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    Seit 2015 berühre und begleite ich Menschen rund ums Thema Berührung, Körper, Sexualität, Beziehung

  • Languages

    German, Italian
  • Qualifications

    Perlentor Yoni-Massage Practitioner (Nhanga Grunow)

Background & Training

02/2016 – now

Dynamische TantraMassage mit Pamela Behnke & Filomena Lorenz

01/2023 – 11/2023

Emotional Empowerment Ausbildung mit Patrizia Patz

10/2022 – 06/2023

Thai Yoga Massage Ausbildung mit Thierry Bienfaisant


Intro Soma Embodyment mit Sonia Gomes

09/2021 – 10/2022

Vitalmasseur Ausbildung mit Andreas Stötter

02/2020 – 07/2020

Yoga & Meditation mit Sabine Broghammer

04/2019 – 12/2019

Ausbildung zum Natur % Ritualcoach mit Marsha Rademann Kriegerschule

05/2018 – 04/2019

LoveCreation Jahrestraining by Leila Bust & Björn Leimbach


Intro SE Traumatherapie mit Elfriede Dinkel Pfrommer


Tandava mit Daniel Odier


Traumasensitive Körperarbeit mit Pascal Baumart


Assistenz TantraMassage Kommunikation by Zinnoberschule


Assistenz TantraMassage Anal& Beckenboden by Zinnoberschule
Assistenz Perlentorausbildung mit Nhanga Ch. Grunow


TantraMassage Level II - Diamond Lotus


Possibility Management Lap mit Patrizia Patz


Possibility Management Lap mit Patrizia Patz


Dynamisch Bewegen in der TantraMassage mit Filomena Lorenz
Assistenz - Das Perlentorausbildung mit Nhanga Ch. Grunow


Possibility Management by Patrizia Patz


Assistenz TantraMassage mit Nhanga Ch: Grunow T& Didi Liebold


Tantric Desire - Körpertherapieseminare mit Ilka Stoedtner

04/2015 – 08/2016

Perlentor Yoni-Massage Practitioner (Nhanga Grunow)


A-Punkt & G-Punkt Spezial mit Nhanga Ch. Grunow & Melanie Fritz


Assistenz TantraMassage Grundkurs bei Pamela Behnke


Der Flug des Phönix - Arbeiten mit sex. Energien und Exstase, Prozessbegleitung


The Feminine Fountain Workshop mit Debora Sundal


Masterclass Yoni & Lingammassage mit Didi Liebold & Janin Hug


Im Zentrum des Zyklons - Tantramassage mit Nhanga Ch. Grunow & Didi Liebold


Magische Momente - TantraMassage mit Nhanga Ch.Grunow & Didi Liebold


Grundseminar Tantramassage by Michaela Riedl



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