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Main offers: widely-respected teacher of sexuality - integrates Tantra and Taoist teachings on sacred sexuality


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Caffyn is a prolific author who has researched and written on the science of sexological bodywork, neurobiology and sexual healing, trauma, orgasm coaching and many other topics. Her video programs are available free on


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Encouraging neuroplastic change to support sexual healing and expanded pleasure, unwinding sexual trauma, exploring the intersection of sex and spirit, creating erotic community – Caffyn Jesse welcomes people from around the world to workshops at her Salt Spring Island studio.

She offers free and paid teachings online.

People of all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcomed and celebrated in Caffyn’s classes and workshops.

Caffyn is a fun, tender and caring person who loves sex, loves people, and loves to touch. She is also a widely-respected teacher of sexuality. She teaches the Canadian Professional Somatic Sex Educator Training with Dr. Liam Snowdon, through the Somatic Sex Educators Association. She helped to bring the Sexological Bodywork training to Canada and she has taught at each subsequent training. She offers a Certificate in Intimacy Education training to advanced students.

Caffyn has a Masters degree in Educational Studies and a postgraduate Associate in Sex Education Certificate from the Institute for Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality. She is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator and a Certified Sexological Bodyworker who identifies as a Sacred Intimate. She integrates Tantra and Taoist teachings on sacred sexuality with her offerings.

Caffyn is also a skilled bodyworker with professional massage training. She writes and speaks widely about sex and related topics.

Caffyn is an educator and not a therapist. Body-based erotic education should not be construed as a substitute for physical or psychological examination, diagnosis, or treatment.

Book Healers On The Edge




Healers on the Edge:

Somatic Sex Education

by Caffyn Jesse et al. (2017)


Healers on the Edge is the first anthology to introduce and explain somatic sex education, a trauma- informed touch modality that uses the innate wisdom of the body to help heal physical, emotional, and psychological wounds and expand pleasure. Coming together from a variety of backgrounds, the authors present an array of examples and applications: from scar tissue remediation to gender identity explorations, from sexual problems and dysfunctions to the treatment of chronic trauma and neglect.


Book Happiness


Science for Sexual Happiness:

A Guide to Reclaiming Erotic Pleasure

by Caffyn Jesse (2016)


This book shows how new scientific understandings of the brain and nervous system can guide us in creating expanded sexual happiness. With accessible theory, real-life stories, and over 100 evidence-based practices, you will learn to: • unwind the effects of trauma and neglect, and feel safer in your skin • use neuroplasticity to feel more pleasure • create a ‘sexual happiness feedback loop’ with your own neurochemistry • integrate body, mind, spirit and emotions • understand genital anatomy and sexual reflexes • rewire relationship patterns • cultivate and communicate desires • feel more excited arousal and relaxed enjoyment • explore the science of sex and spirit

Erotic Massage Book Kl


Erotic Massage for Healing and Pleasure:

plus Orgasm Coaching, Genital Anatomy, Scar Tissue Healing and more from a Pioneering Somatic Sex Educator

by Caffyn Jesse (2015)


It is your birthright to live a life filled with erotic joy. This book will show you how to make it so, and how to teach others, through touch. You will learn about sexual healing, erotic energy cultivation, and sensual and erotic massage. Caffyn Jesse gives stroke-by-stroke instructions for pleasuring penises and vulvas. Chapters on orgasm coaching will vastly expand your orgasmic capacities. Her toolbox includes techniques ranging from scar tissue healing to spanking. Beautiful illustrations show the specifics of pelvic, genital and anal anatomy. Powerful practices guide you in awakening the full potential of your sexuality. Erotic massage provides an ideal environment for healing and learning about sex. But without appropriate safeguards and clear boundaries, erotic massage can retraumatize already wounded people. Caffyn Jesse offers vital guidance on the ethics of practice.

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    Certified Sexological Bodyworker

    Teacher or Co-Teacher for a Training recognized by Trusted Bodywork

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Masters in Educational Studies from the Institute for Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality


Certified Sexological Bodyworker
Teacher or Co-Teacher for a Training recognized by Trusted Bodywork


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