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Kristina Tantra Sexualcoaching Stuttgart
Kristina Tantra Sexualcoaching Stuttgart

Kristina Brustik

Sachsenheim, Zürich

Main offers: Massages, lectures, seminars, couple counseling, women's work

07147 274177


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Decades of massage experience. Lectures and seminars on a modern sexual culture. Couples massage daily. Orgasm training for women in Stuttgart. Woman massage training Essenzia in southern Germany.


Sexual Coaching for Women
Massage Coaching
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"... it is as if I am a mountain and the world has room in me, it was an all inclusive feeling, a reconciliation ..."

about Kristina:

I am the mother of 3 wonderful, very different sons and grandmother of a grandson, happy wife, graduate graphic designer, theater pedagogue, team- and management-proven and since 2001 professionally and privately on the way to refine touch art and empathy.

Diverse courses in artistic and body-oriented work with teachers accompany my journey: among others Richard Nieoczym, Ida Kelarova, Violetta Gouren, Andro, Daniel Odier, Hartmut Bez and others

Encounters with inspiring people, with whom I exchange ideas and explore together, let me continue to flourish.

My own development and continuing education, research on gynecological work and 10 years of volunteer hospice work change and improve my massage techniques and they gain their own profile.

I am happy when it is possible to give inner experience of peace and universal security.

I am a co-initiator of women's congresses, congresses on a new love culture and the women's temple Sachsenheim.

My other interests are family, culture, beekeepers, Tango Argentino and Kundalini Yoga

True touch can give the soul wings!

more about my training: http://wohlfuehlzeit.de/kristina-brustik/

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    Freiberufliche Berührungskünstlerin seit 2001

  • Languages

    English, German
  • Qualifications

    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV® (AZ)

Background & Training

01/2001 – now

Freiberufliche Berührungskünstlerin


Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV® (AZ)


07147 274177



Atelier für KörperKunstWerk
74343 Sachsenheim
07147 274177
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