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Linda Holmberg

Umeå, Sweden

Main offers: Sexological bodywork


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I will stand by you and teach you how to heal and/or grow sexually and intimately.


Sexual Counseling
Sexological Bodywork
Sexual Coaching for Women
Sexual Coaching for Men



Conversation : I offer two types of conversation (which is not coaching). The one is conversation in combination with teaching about ex anatomy, porn, scar tissue, trauma. The other is conversation where we talk openly and without judging about matters related to sex. Sometimes you just have to talk.

Touch / massage: When working with scar tissue, for example, massage is a big piece of pussy to soften the tissues. In exercises, consent is used, for example, on hands to train who is concerned and for whose sake it is. When mapping is used, touch is used to feel lost or to learn more.

Exercises: All exercises look different, but most have the same goals. To help the one who practices to know more. For example, in breathing, consent or in pairs.

Coaching: Mindfulness / Bodyscan, Orgasmic Yoga, Bodypoem / Clean Language.

Examples of what you can get help with:

Scar tissue: Your skin is usually very elastic, you can put it on and pull a bit of it without problems. When a scar is formed, the skin around the scar can be hard and tight. This can cause pain or discomfort depending on where the scars are. Scarring after, for example, a caesarean section, a childbirth or a gender correction can cause discomfort when intimate, either with self or with others. What I do is to soften the tight skin through massage and warming covers.

Consent / Say yes or no: With the help of Betty Martin's "The Wheel of consent", we work around consent. What is the consent and what is the difference between giving his full consent and a common consent in a sexual situation. What is mutual touch and for whose sake it is done.

Sexual Obstacles / Challenges: It is quite common for you to notice one or the other during any period of your life. It can be anything from having a hard time getting an erection, that you can not get an orgasm or that the orgasm is coming too fast. With the help of exercises in breathing, one can find something that works.

Intimacy: For couples who want to find each other both intimately and sexually. Here we mainly do exercises and talk.

Mapping: Many of us have parts of our abdomen that we do not know anything in, parts forgotten or who have lost their feelings of something traumatic. To regain the feeling is done by literally striking it and at different points of the abdomen to feel that they actually exist. Returning the feeling is a big part in feeling more enjoyment and becoming more familiar with their body.

Orgasmic yoga meditation / coaching in solosx: Exercises that help you get a better sex life by first exercising on the solo.

Meditation: Body scans, body poetry, to learn to install events in the body. (This is usually done in all meetings as it is part of the processing.)

Redirection: For different reasons you may want to change where in the body you feel pleasure, this can be done through different types of touch, intention and focus.

Porn: Porn has a different impact on all of us, but a common reaction to porn is dysfunction. It can be harder and harder to reach orgasm or porn becomes the only way to reach orgasm. Using various exercises, I can help you feel more in your body and give tips on more healthy ways to watch porn.

Trauma: Trauma affects us all different and there are several ways we can work together to help you. Consent, find safety in touch and in saying yes / no are just two examples. We work with what is in the body and depending on your needs, it may also be a good idea to work with a psychologist at the same time. When you hear from you, we'll make a plan together for how best to help you.

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    English, Schwedish
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    Certified Sexological Bodyworker

Background & Training

04/2018 – 11/2018

Certified Sexological Bodyworker


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Umeå, Sweden
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