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Tantra Massage Berlin H Rose
Claudia Tantra Massage Berlin Paris 2


Berlin, Mallorca

Main offers: Tantric massage and BDSM massage for all genders, workshops - on request also in Paris / France

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I encourage you to feel, to feel your whole body and to love it as it is, to find in the encounter the joy of guilt-free enjoyment and to trust you with what you perceive to be.


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For many years, I have been experiencing and exploring the manifold possibilities of the massage ritual and have so often experienced the transformative and wonderfully helpful powers that carry touch. Whether as a form of communication, as an enrichment of our own experience and experience spaces, as a celebration in honor of our sensually perceiving nature, as play and enjoyment, as deep inspiration, as activation and regeneration of our very own powers, as a sensual experience of intimacy and liveliness, or as always new surprise and loving encounter with ourselves and the world in which we live.

Physical touch and closeness, sensuality and sexuality (what a cold word for a whole universe) are areas that are unfortunately still occupied in many societies with negative conditioning, hurtful and limiting experiences, insecurities, shame and set ideas that are present push reality and hinder us more than helping us. At the same time, our sexual power is deeply connected with our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as the source of fulfillment, creativity, security and freedom.

In a massage ritual, you get the opportunity to experience yourself sensually beyond performance pressure, or special expectations, to relax, let go, to know your (partly unconscious) ideas about how to express sexuality and aliveness, to expand perceptual possibilities, new things, or perhaps long forgotten (again) to discover.

All sensation / bondage massage

I understand the influence of BDSM as a form of communication and play in which, together with you, I explore the most diverse psychosexual facets beyond prohibition and social conventions. The so-called dark corners of sexuality, which are often taboo, can be viewed and freed. Withheld feelings, desires and longings get their place. Experience guidance as liberation, the limitation by the rope as loving keeping. In many ancient cultures, experiencing pain or marginality and leaving one's comfort zone (Native American initiation rites, yogis, many spiritual practices) is an integral part of human experience. There is a longing to feel oneself in the depths, to dissolve oneself, to find oneself again and to get out of the everyday state into a state of intoxication, which can have transformative and liberating effects. This advanced state of consciousness can happen during a massage and in letting go we can find confidence. In ourselves the connection with everything.

I am a trustworthy and unbiased partner and accompany you sensitively in your journey through body and mind.

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    Seit 2012 hauptberufliche Masseurin

    Seit 2016 mit eigener Praxis im Raum 13 in Berlin

  • Languages

    English, German, Spanish, French
  • Qualifications

    Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®

Background & Training

01/2012 – now

Arbeit mit Tantramassagen und BDSM -Ritualen


Shiatsu und Bondage/ Berlin


Hypnomassage/ Paris Ysel


Fortbildung bei kamala Mara/Berlin Tantramassage

10/2011 – 01/2017

Tantric Massage Practitioner TMV®


Seminar Atemkontrolle mit Robert Kriz, Köln


Dearmoringmassage mit Vojta Chladeck, Berlin


Lomi-Lomi-Massage bei Anja Goralski, Berlin


Kamasutramassage mit Andro, Diamond Lotus, Berlin


BDSM-Hypnose mit Undine, Hamburg


Bewegung, Leichtigkeit u. Hingabe in der Tantramassage, Gitta Arntzen u. Marcel Kern, Köln


Liberty Fortbildug mit Klara Luhmen, Berlin


Varianten im Eingangsritual, Spiel und Intuition während der Massage mit Iris u. Christine


Profiweiterbildung Yoni-Massage u. Sexuelle Energie Meditation mit Andrea Silvanus, Ananda


Dozentin auf der Xplore, Festival der Kunst der Lust, Berlin


Vaginale Lust (Fisting), Coach Lea, Ananda


Power of Play mit Klara Luhmen und Kristina Marlen, Köln


Tantra und BDSM bei Felix Ruckert und Eva Kreimendahl, Schwelle 7, Berlin


Tanz-Ausdruck-Improvisation Tanzprojekt mit Raksan, Berlin


Einführung in die erotische Hypnose mit Jay, Schwelle 7, Berlin

01/2007 – 01/2012

Studium der Romanistik, Völkerkunde und Pädagogik der Kindheit

01/2010 – 01/2011

Weiterbildung in systemischer Familienaufstellung bei Vlado Ilic und Dietrich Weth


Tantra und Contact Improvisation bei Felix Ruckert und Sabine Sonnenschein, Schwelle 7, Be


Tantramassage Ausbildung Level 1-3, Zentrum für Sexuelle Bildung, Dresden


Rebalancing Seminar, Zentrum für sexuelle Bildung, Dresden


Trainerin für Kommunikation mit Menschen und Pferden bei Sabine Keilwerth, Neustadt a.d. A


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