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Quinta Essentia Klaus Peill Mannheim Tantra

Klaus Gabriel


Main offers: Holistic massage, seminars, individual and couple counseling

+49 (0)171 7741985


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The most important person in my life is the one who is with me right now. Lovingly and mindfully, I accompany you on our journey together of body, mind and soul. Healing change and personal growth are important to me!


Sexual Counseling
Certified Tantric Massage
Sexual Coaching for Women
Sexual Coaching for Men
Massage Coaching
Classes and Workshops
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With my work I want to contribute to more awareness, as well as attentive and loving interaction with each other. Ultimately, I see in my work as a result the inner and outer peace with itself, its relationships and the world.

"Klaus Gabriel touches in a very special way and with a lot of time to arrive, I was able to enjoy a wonderful massage, like immersing myself in another world, just close my eyes, turn off all thoughts, let myself go, surrender and only His attentive and loving touch was a very special experience for me, thank you for these nice hours. "

"Very attentive and sensitive, Klaus Gabriel performs the massage, blocked energy flows again and relaxation spreads through the atmosphere immediately created confidence and well-being, I was charged with new energy in the coming weeks."

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    seit 2005 Gesundheitspraktiker (BfG) für Persönlichkeitsbildung

    seit 2010 Tantramassagen nach BeFree

    seit 2011 systemisch-phänomenologischer Familiensteller

    seit 2012 Tantralehrer und Seminarleitung

    seit 2015 Tantramassagen nach Andro

  • Languages

    English, German, French
  • Qualifications

    Tantric Massage Practitioner Andro® L1

Background & Training

02/2017 – 12/2017

Weiterbildung Systemische Sexualtherapie (IGST)

08/2011 – 11/2017

Systemisch-phänomenologischer Familienaufsteller (Hellingerschule, Berchtesgaden)

04/2015 – 08/2017

Tantric Massage Practitioner Andro® L1


Zertifikat Taomassage (Nhanga Ch. Grunow)

04/2008 – 04/2012

Tantralehrer (BeFree-Institut, Speyer)


Tantramassage Grundausbildung Fortbildung


Reiki-Meister/-Lehrer (Spirituelle Schule, Rastatt)


Gesundheitspraktiker (BfG) für Persönlichkeitsbildung (DGAM, Freiburg)


Grundlagen Tibetische Massage (Lama Lobsang Thamcho Nyima)


+49 (0)171 7741985





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