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Tantra-Massage Bern / Ostermundigen
Tantra-Massage Bern



Main offers: Massage practice, massage school, Coaching


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We are a unique combination of massage practice and massage school that combines medicine with energy work and head wisdom with body wisdom.

Our vision is to help people become more aware of their bodies.


Sexual Counseling
Sexological Bodywork
Certified Tantric Massage
Sexual Coaching for Women
Sexual Coaching for Men
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Before my time as a masseur and tantra practitioner, I completed various technical and business training, including architectural draftsman EFZ, construction technician HF, business manager NDS HF and industrial engineer NDS HF.

After my technical and business training, the idea arose to complete massage training together with my then wife. As a passionate dancer, the idea of working with my body and helping people through touch alongside my office job appealed to me. Through massage training and massaging, spirituality also developed in my life. At first I laughed at my massage teacher when he used the pendulum, but now I've probably become more spiritual than I ever imagined.

Due to the strain of three jobs, two training courses and an unhealthy diet, I eventually weighed 90 kg. I decided to make a change. I started going to the gym regularly, changed my diet, went on a metabolic diet and avoided harmful ingredients such as fluoride, sugar, glutamate and others. I lost 20 kg within six months. Suddenly my third eye, my pineal gland, opened. I saw things much more clearly, recognized the matrix, felt energies and found my soul path. I started meditating, practicing yoga and became deeply involved in personal development and entrepreneurship.

Thanks to my inexhaustible energy and knowledge of leadership, marketing, sales and computers, we developed extremely quickly and became very successful. After three years we were able to move into a large massage practice and hire employees. But then suddenly an inspiration and a special woman came into my life who changed everything. I left my wife, team and practice to pursue a new, exciting path and heal my sexuality. You can read more about it in my blog article “How I came to Tantra”. After a phase of recovery and personal development, I am now starting again in Ostermundigen full of dedication and passion. I look forward to helping people achieve healthier bodies and lives with my new knowledge and skills. This time I would also like to include sexuality, which is so incredibly important and still taboo.


"The tantric massage gently awakened and strengthened my femininity. I was able to let go, immerse myself and experience beautiful states. I felt very well looked after and Silvio responded to my needs attentively and intuitively. I can wholeheartedly recommend this massage."


"I go to Silvio every two weeks and I'm amazed at how versatile his massages are. It's something different every time and he always notices when I'm open to a good conversation and when I need some peace and quiet. I'm there after every massage full of energy. He has a wonderful charisma and energy, I enjoy being with him."


"For very private reasons, I had a lot of trouble opening up sexually. Because I was recommended to go to a tantric massage in order to regain access to sexuality and trust in men. Silvio came across as very trusting to me, so I had a tantric massage booked with him. He was very attentive and it really did me good. The tantric massage solved a lot, it's still working in me. It's definitely not the last time I'll go to him."


"Out of curiosity, I booked a tantra massage with Silvio and it was a good decision. It was very sensual, beautiful and I learned a lot about myself and my body."


"At the first touch, Silvio perceives your body and he feels exactly where the problems are. It's not just the professional massage, the skillful movements, it's also the energy that is noticeably transmitted. Any type of massage, whether classic or tantric, is a pleasant experience."


"It was a very pleasant massage, you can tell that he does it with a lot of feeling and interest. You feel comfortable and familiar. Keep it up."


"The studio is comfortably furnished, the atmosphere is very nice. The massage was soothing, my muscles were happy. Silvio responded well to my wishes. So I can absolutely recommend him."


"The tantric massage with Silvio was an absolutely great experience for me, during which I felt completely comfortable and supported. Silvio is very sensitive and felt really well where I was tense or cramped.

He combined the various techniques very skillfully and fluently, in a pleasant atmosphere! A big thank you to Silvio!"

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    Seit 2017 klassische Massagen

    Seit 2023 Tantramassagen

    Seit 2023 Pelvis Work Pracitioner

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    Tantric Massage Practitioner IISB®

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04/2022 – 02/2023

Tantric Massage Practitioner IISB®


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