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Nicole Strübin


Main offers: Sexual therapy,, consultant for relationships and sensual touch

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You want to ... ... tackle difficulties in sexuality ... experience more joy and sensuality ... transform obstructive patterns ... develop competence in dealing with emotions + your sexuality ... tackle the consequences of trauma


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Ende Juli 08 005

Everyone has their own entry into life and all the areas that it has to offer. Some people grow up in a loving and benevolent environment. Others in an environment that doesn't make it so easy for them to grow and blossom.

If our environment was rather stressful, this can accompany and hinder us for a long time as adults.

Maybe you recognize some of these topics:

  • lack of self worth
  • lack of love for yourself and your body
  • Difficulty getting involved in romantic relationships
  • losing yourself in romantic relationships
  • toxic relationships
  • difficulty sensing and maintaining your own limits
  • insensibility
  • problems in sexuality (e.g. lack of desire, fear, stress, various sexual disorders)
  • intense emotions that are difficult to manage (anger, fear, sadness, powerlessness, despair)

With all these topics, with some forms of therapy, you quickly reach a point where there is no progress anymore.


The forms of therapy that I offer are very holistic and extremely efficient when combined:

  • classic sex therapy, fertilized by 20 years of experience with tantra
  • systemic constellations (for me still the best method to clean up and transform obstructive patterns)
  • mindful and trauma-sensitive body therapy
  • knowledge and practical tools for dealing with the consequences of trauma
  • Contact with the inner children

The following things are very important to me:

  • an efficient use of all my abilities in order to achieve jointly set goals in a foreseeable period of time
  • a careful handling of boundaries (your and mine)
  • respect for your life choices (it's not my place to judge them, let alone make you change them)
  • a relaxed and loving relationship with one's own body and sexuality
  • the creation of a basis of trust that also carries through perhaps rather difficult moments
  • enabling experiences that are nurturing and open new horizons
  • the transmission of enriching knowledge about sexuality, which is less known in our western culture
  • clarity and honesty
  • compassion that empowers, not diminishes
  • humor and lightness at the right moment are supportive companions


My experience in my practice: Many problems with sexuality are often more complex than you think. Approaching them "only" on the sexual level is sometimes too short-sighted and therefore does not solve the problem.


After almost 20 years of working with tantra, body awareness, mindfulness, personality development, trauma awareness and coaching, I have been able to make my joy in the sensuality of the body my vocation. Accompanying people who really want to change something motivates and inspires me deeply.


You can find on https://nicolestruebin.ch/ueber-mich/

Dates & Facts

  • Experience

    Tantric massages, systemic work, coaching, awareness and personal growth,

    Tantric Year Training (shima institute, CH)

    Various massage classes at Sexological Bodywork ZH

    Tantric Journey/Emotional Detox Bodywork, London

    Work with the inner child

    Intensive work with trauma for 5 years

  • Languages

    English, German, French
  • Qualifications

    Sexocorporel Sexual Therapy Training

Background & Training

09/2016 – 01/2018

Tantric Journey/Emotional Detox Bodywork, London

03/2015 – 04/2017

Sexocorporel Sexual Therapy Training
Training in systemic constellations

04/2001 – 10/2003

Organizational development and management (including Coaching )


+41 76 529 50 44

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Praxis für Sexualtherapie, Paartherapie + systemische Aufstellungen
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