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Working with singles and people in all sorts of relationship styles, we explore how to ease their struggle, coaching them, sometimes on a massage table how to define and voice their boundaries and desires in a safe space. Scar remediation.


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Relationship Counseling & Coaching


I focus on any kind of relationship struggle in which a communication breakdown has occurred.

A lot of these relationships might be romantic couples that come to me.

I am experienced in relationship styles alternative to monogamy as well.

But please feel free to also contact me if you struggle with a relationship at work, in your business, family, friend circle et cetera.

Most of the struggles we experience relate to one of three areas of life where change might be desirable. These are the main three varieties of change we will be working with in our counseling sessions - always aiming at integrating the pre-rational with the rational and the trans-rational - Inspire to Unite:

Healing. We have all been hurt in the past, some more than others. Some people are aware of their trauma, whereas other are not and have been out of touch with their wounds for a long time. I love this part of my work, because so much progress can be made by accepting, exploring, and overcoming fear.

Development. We are all experts in some areas of life, while in others we feel like beginners, simply because... we are. No one ever told us how to deal with that particular part of our lives, and that's why we sometimes feel awkward. Helpless. Frustrated. Scared. In our sessions together we can explore these parts safely, do some reparenting, and set you up with a powerful support system with the help of your friends and allies. And you have more allies than you think.

Liberation. All of us have been conditioned by people and society, and we all have dealt with oppression, both as the oppressor and as the oppressed, be it subconsciously or not. It can be immensely healing to reclaim your power in that regard.

Our sessions may include:



Somatic work


Radical Honesty


Role Play

Re-evaluation Therapy

Reparenting etc.

Look at me as your coach to practice with. We will experiment and try new things, giving you a chance to try interacting in new ways in the safe environment of your counseling sessions.

And yes, the sessions might be playful, I believe in the power of humor and improvisation - I was an actor for many years after all. And you will even be given a little bit of homework to support your growth - what's there to resist?

I deeply value confidentiality and privacy. Everything we talk about will always stay confidential and no one will ever know that we are working together unless you choose to tell them.

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    English, German, Spanish
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    Certified Sexological Bodyworker

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01/2014 – 09/2014

Certified Sexological Bodyworker


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